Coke & Butane = Slow Motion Rockets - The Slow Mo Guys 4K

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In this video Gav and Dan attempt to land a coke bottle on the moon using a bit of butane. They came 238,899.99 miles short but it was a good effort. Follow us on Instagram! gavinfree
Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
Coke & Butane = Slow Motion Rockets - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. Kabeldeutschland

    Kabeldeutschland35 daqiqa oldin

    Hey Slow Mo Guys! What do you think about a cat hunting a laserpointer in slow-motion? It would be interesting to see how fast a cat would react, accuracy and speed.

  2. Boglárka Bujdos

    Boglárka BujdosSoat oldin

    3:38 Dan looks like a coala bear

  3. adnan murshed

    adnan murshed8 soat oldin

    do the whole thing but with the cap on and colours inside the bottle. Would love to see the BAM in slow-mo😎

  4. Djay B

    Djay B9 soat oldin

    Aight, im'ma head out!

  5. Денис Матвейчук

    Денис Матвейчук10 soat oldin


  6. Arnold Chang

    Arnold Chang15 soat oldin

    Coke company thank you for choosing them instead of Pepsi. Btw, Dan got fat.

  7. Leonardo Reis

    Leonardo Reis18 soat oldin

    Nice and simple experiment that you should make a video doing the same experiment in your styles

  8. heavymetalhippie 32

    heavymetalhippie 3221 soat oldin

    Have you guys done rupert drops? If not you should 👍👍✌️

  9. Lifeis Random

    Lifeis Random21 soat oldin

    they should’ve flipped it

  10. Rayven

    RayvenKun oldin

    Could you guys do a stun grenade in slo motion video?

  11. Paul Scott

    Paul ScottKun oldin

    What about drilling a hole in the cap and doing the same thing again

  12. GregRyan

    GregRyanKun oldin

    I'd like to see some kind of hacked together special bottle. Like too of bottle facing downwards, held up by a frame so it doesn't fall and the coke doesn't fall out cos it's on a waterproof maybe slightly squidgy surface (maybe a sponge with cling film over it) Then hole cut in the bottom of the bottle (which is now the top) shove the gas in, close it up and shove some kinda plasticine on it quick then watch it go

  13. Uddhava Tancredi

    Uddhava TancrediKun oldin

    Next time shake it around more and put mentos in it.



    That guy laughing in the background at 5:41

  15. munchin

    munchinKun oldin

    I want to see a slow no sumo fight

  16. munchin

    munchinKun oldin


  17. Cristian Garcia

    Cristian GarciaKun oldin

    How fast does light travel in a fluorescent tube (long bulb). How fast and what's its speed

  18. Justice

    JusticeKun oldin

    Coke + Butane = Cokane (Cocaine) stay woke my bruddas

  19. Henry Hernandez

    Henry HernandezKun oldin

    3:18 Rocket taking off

  20. Henry Hernandez

    Henry HernandezKun oldin

    0:40 ITS 32 DEGREES BOII

  21. Strainy 1994

    Strainy 1994Kun oldin

    U need to break glass through the prince rupert drop method! The best glass explosion.

  22. Dick Dickson

    Dick DicksonKun oldin

    You should do a jacobs ladder

  23. Nugget gamer HD

    Nugget gamer HDKun oldin

    1:56 iok at his right hand

  24. Chop Ness

    Chop NessKun oldin

    Guys like this! To see in slow motion!! Trapping electricity in glass (imagine seeing this??)

  25. ฉัตรพงษ์ มีชัย

    ฉัตรพงษ์ มีชัย2 kun oldin

    Would you make video pistol shrimp with slow mo and infrared camera .I want to know how many fahrenheit pistol shrimp can make.

  26. CandC68

    CandC682 kun oldin

    OK, 1) make a simple bottle inverter(remotely). 2) Have an open flame above the bottle's launch trajectory. 3) Maybe this is step "1". Hide. BTW His face at 3:29 is worth subscribing.

  27. Gede Septian

    Gede Septian2 kun oldin

    Team rocket lol

  28. Dave Perez

    Dave Perez2 kun oldin

    An idea for a new video: When an arrow is shot it bends. It is storing energy and as it flies the bend flops side to side decreasing as the stored energy transfers into forward flight. The Arrow can't move fast enough relative to the energy upon release. You would need a relatively powerful bow and arrows with the proper spine; not the type you used in the slicing an arrow mid-flight video. It is referred as the "Archers Paradox" by some though it may be incorrect to call it that. I tried commenting on SmarterEveryDay's channel after he made an archer's paradox video as his did not show the above mentioned phenomenon instead a long bowmen having to aim off target due to the bend on release effecting flight. All material online refers to that as the Archer's Paradox. Though the stored energy transfering to forward flight is interesting in my opinion.

  29. ninetailedhollowfied

    ninetailedhollowfied2 kun oldin

    I wonder what would happen if you added mentos to the mix

  30. Gamers MV

    Gamers MV2 kun oldin Try this method

  31. Brett Williamson

    Brett Williamson2 kun oldin

    Could you keep it flying straighter if you put find on it

  32. Pauvil Reutov

    Pauvil Reutov2 kun oldin

    someone needs to try this with gasoline in the bottle and over a campfire.

  33. TF Trist

    TF Trist2 kun oldin

    bruv when i click on quality it says 4320p50 8k what i do

  34. Earl

    Earl2 kun oldin

    Can you guys do a slo mo of a high pressure steam line exploding? ...Kind of like this but you know slower

  35. Trinidadmax

    Trinidadmax2 kun oldin

    Venturi's reduce pressure.

  36. cannibalbananas

    cannibalbananas2 kun oldin

    @1:30-2:10 = 😯🤯 Dan is much smarter than he usually lets on. 👨‍🏫 also, 😂 when he flipped up all off during his explanation

  37. Jan der Bildermann

    Jan der Bildermann2 kun oldin

    can you do waxing hairs in slow motion? can be funny and painful looking.

  38. Ahmet

    Ahmet3 kun oldin

    The howmo guys

  39. P C

    P C3 kun oldin

    You looked like young Bill Murray in Caddyshack.

  40. Stephen Gibson

    Stephen Gibson3 kun oldin

    5:34 hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  41. esisolina1

    esisolina13 kun oldin

    Hello, I'm mind. And I'm gab. Mind the Gab ! :-)

  42. Justin Y. 2.0

    Justin Y. 2.03 kun oldin

    I thought the title said “cocaine and butane”

  43. TheVeryMagenta Puppy

    TheVeryMagenta Puppy3 kun oldin

    slomo suggestion: aluminium + water explosion

  44. Ben

    Ben3 kun oldin

    These guys use a huge press to make a brass bar explode! You should slow mo metals fracturing and or exploding!

  45. Aidan setlock

    Aidan setlock3 kun oldin

    Would you be able to ignite te butane as is launches?

  46. Corrupted

    Corrupted3 kun oldin

    How to achieve light speed (Just and idea a very stupid idea) Take coke put it in a rocket put a hole in bottom of rocket flip rocket add stuff and boom same as a coke rocket ITS A JOKE

  47. Dokkan battle gaming

    Dokkan battle gaming3 kun oldin

    The ol steak trick

  48. MontSaintLeon Dr

    MontSaintLeon Dr3 kun oldin

    If you guys try liquid nitrogen, will it be faster?

  49. Cesnoix XIV

    Cesnoix XIV3 kun oldin

    how about yall capture various metals and objects being crushed by a pneumatic press or something similar?

  50. BOLT-ACTION 94

    BOLT-ACTION 943 kun oldin

    Coke and butane vs diet Coke and mentos...

  51. Duke00x

    Duke00x4 kun oldin

    You should have been able to hold and turn the 2 liter one handed.

  52. Footage downloader

    Footage downloader4 kun oldin

    I love you

  53. Marc

    Marc4 kun oldin

    I put the video to 0.25x speed to have 4000x slower slomo

  54. Wojciech Pitra-Ptaszek

    Wojciech Pitra-Ptaszek4 kun oldin

    You should try to make holes in caps in different size and check if this would make it fly better.


    NOOB PS4 GAMER4 kun oldin

    I want your camera😍

  56. Echo

    Echo4 kun oldin


  57. Drel Crz

    Drel Crz4 kun oldin

    Who's having TKOR flashbacks? RIP Grant 😭

  58. Scott Van Artsdalen

    Scott Van Artsdalen4 kun oldin

    Add fins!

  59. Hayden Valle

    Hayden Valle4 kun oldin

    What happens if you put the cap back on and then flip it

  60. AJ Butler

    AJ Butler4 kun oldin

    Put the cap in then do it again, explode

  61. Shawn Hawkins

    Shawn Hawkins4 kun oldin

    what happens if you cover the mouth of the bottle with thin plastic wrap maybe with a tiny hole to allow the vapor to escape without popping the cover off.