CHEAPEST WOMAN EVER! People can be extreme-cheapskates, they go dumpster diving & are very cheap. I save too but these women are frugal penny pincher.
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  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf9 oy oldin

    whats the cheapest thing you've ever done to save money???

  2. Fox.

    Fox.28 kun oldin


  3. Madeline Chau

    Madeline ChauOy oldin

    Diluted sugary juice

  4. Ava Wirtz

    Ava WirtzOy oldin

    Ahhhh I think the cheapest thing I have done is I don't know

  5. ňēbůłâ ß miđñīğhť Ğāćhã

    ňēbůłâ ß miđñīğhť ĞāćhãOy oldin

    I find money at school and keep it.

  6. Cookie Lover

    Cookie LoverOy oldin

    SSSniperWolf hi

  7. Mariah Lee

    Mariah Lee3 soat oldin

    U know the lady who said she dont clean her butt when she goes poo. What if she is on her period

  8. Fathima Hameed

    Fathima Hameed4 soat oldin

    I can’t believe the woman flossing her teeth with hair

  9. Zavier Elysee

    Zavier Elysee8 soat oldin

    I’m like wtf u can’t afford gum u probably think going to da shops cost fun money aaaaaaa🤯

  10. Lazy life

    Lazy life13 soat oldin

    You kinda look like a girl version of Harry Potter and I love it

  11. Itz Nay

    Itz Nay14 soat oldin

    Imagine not being able to do your business on the toilet

  12. Earl Simons

    Earl Simons14 soat oldin

    Are you the same person as azzland

  13. farjan panna

    farjan panna2 kun oldin

    really you talk tooo much in the whole video like popcorn

  14. Grapelime82 Grapelime82

    Grapelime82 Grapelime822 kun oldin


  15. Grapelime82 Grapelime82

    Grapelime82 Grapelime822 kun oldin


  16. Alisha pug

    Alisha pug2 kun oldin

    Nah man if my drink goes even near something I think is dirty it’s gone down the sink and cup washed or binned

  17. Shristi Sharma

    Shristi Sharma2 kun oldin

    Seriously I eat almost 20 gum in a week

  18. Melany Marroquin

    Melany Marroquin2 kun oldin

    I love your videos and I totally agree with you. That disgusting flossing your teeth with of hair.

  19. Jessica Hodgson

    Jessica Hodgson2 kun oldin

    One of my friends worked at gregs and one customer wanted to use the same re-useibl cup but when he looked inside there was freaking MOLD in the bottom like how can you live like that.

  20. XxDay DreamerXx

    XxDay DreamerXx2 kun oldin

    If 5 minute crafts aren't doing it you know it's bad

  21. Esme Seaman

    Esme Seaman2 kun oldin

    Ssniperwolf:Re uses gum eww Me:WTF is wrong with you woman jeez

  22. Esme Seaman

    Esme Seaman2 kun oldin

    I would toss it

  23. JonhnathanPlayz1

    JonhnathanPlayz13 kun oldin

    Don't judge her.

  24. Isabella Neiman

    Isabella Neiman3 kun oldin

    I have 0 peices of gum all year because I have a spacer in my mouth

  25. Fun World

    Fun World3 kun oldin

    nO wOnDeR ShE'Z SiNgle......

  26. Mr. G

    Mr. G3 kun oldin

    The real cheapskate life

  27. Flanary James

    Flanary James3 kun oldin

    Me when I watched this vid:eW

  28. Vera Jones

    Vera Jones4 kun oldin

    Candy. that girl can afford lipstick but not dental floss

  29. Jo Anne

    Jo Anne4 kun oldin

    I wonder how much she has in her bank account

  30. riftz army

    riftz army4 kun oldin

    A year I've probably have 19000

  31. Jacob Isaiah

    Jacob Isaiah4 kun oldin

    Omg she needs to git new gum every day and floss with real floss oh hunny

  32. Meazey Rodrigues

    Meazey Rodrigues4 kun oldin

    Lipstick costs a tun of money sooo she can pay like 50 buck's for ONE lipstick and can't pay for anything else WT heck Bruh just pay for the food that cost the same amount as the dam lipstick

  33. Riley Plice

    Riley Plice5 kun oldin

    she spends all her money on wigs and lipstick

  34. Lady Tijuri

    Lady Tijuri5 kun oldin

    hell, i go through a pack of gum a day lol some ppl smoke, I chew gum lol ok, what's up with her "hair" lol

  35. Cuppicake Lover

    Cuppicake Lover5 kun oldin

    I go through 28 pieces of gum a week

  36. Cuppicake Lover

    Cuppicake Lover5 kun oldin

    This lady is 2345345533588839957719837198379188297174653681872781763651773672987277818727718777388181992728192828% NASTY 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

  37. Celia Brunson

    Celia Brunson6 kun oldin

    i don't get how she can live like this,this is just torture to watch

  38. Samantha LaRoy

    Samantha LaRoy6 kun oldin

    Is she wearing a wig

  39. Samantha LaRoy

    Samantha LaRoy6 kun oldin

    I went through 35 pieces in 2 days

  40. Dkakoils Gaming

    Dkakoils Gaming6 kun oldin

    21a week .lazy bum.

  41. Jessica Acosta

    Jessica Acosta6 kun oldin

    Cheapos, just live a normal life.🥴😬😬😬😂🤭🤭🤗🤗🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐😱😱😱😫😵😈😡😡🤬🤬🤬

  42. fany perez

    fany perez6 kun oldin


  43. Mini BilliEilish

    Mini BilliEilish6 kun oldin

    I can't chew gum cuz I got braces

  44. Mini BilliEilish

    Mini BilliEilish6 kun oldin

    I can't chew gum cuz I got braces

  45. Semina Rugovac

    Semina Rugovac6 kun oldin

    She only has one meal a day but is so fat IM very suspicious 🤨🤨

  46. Gaming mit xxxelif55

    Gaming mit xxxelif556 kun oldin

    So she can´t afford dental floss and gum but a good quality wig and lipstick

  47. Linda Reavis

    Linda Reavis7 kun oldin

    One meal eating out its much cheaper to prepare at home.. (she’s not to cheap) I’d bet she don’t save money!!!!!

  48. ThatUnamedCharacter 1

    ThatUnamedCharacter 17 kun oldin

    i ate a whole hubba bubba in a day.......

  49. iksnev iurz

    iksnev iurz7 kun oldin


  50. Jennifer Mallon

    Jennifer Mallon8 kun oldin

    If she makes her latte or coffee at home instead of buying it she could have a fresh cup a day

  51. Croissant Boy

    Croissant Boy8 kun oldin

    Its gives me a headache watching this

  52. Fun with Jasmin llama

    Fun with Jasmin llama8 kun oldin

    Sniper wolf: that cup does not look like its having fun ;-; The cup: IM REALLY NOT ;-;

  53. Jeon kookie

    Jeon kookie9 kun oldin

    After watching this I really appreciate my mother more....

  54. E.Norman Powers

    E.Norman Powers9 kun oldin

    Recycling gum is the grossest thing, EVER!

  55. Boijinx

    Boijinx10 kun oldin


  56. Boijinx

    Boijinx10 kun oldin


  57. Unknown 6

    Unknown 610 kun oldin

    There's this cheapo who uses mint leaves instead of gum

  58. Boba Berry OwO

    Boba Berry OwO10 kun oldin

    0:38 You see this woman right here? Yeah. She probably be using a hairbrush to brush her goddamn teeth.

  59. Its_lasarusa21

    Its_lasarusa2110 kun oldin

    This is how diseases are created like nf at all

  60. Hensleigh Labonte

    Hensleigh Labonte10 kun oldin

    I go through a pack of gum in 2 days 😂

  61. bethany graber

    bethany graber11 kun oldin

    that cups like please end my life

  62. Bradana Gillman

    Bradana Gillman11 kun oldin

    There are some people that NEED to do this. These kinds of people, in my opinion, insult them. (Talking about the cheapos! Love ya SSSniperWolf)

  63. Gacha Diamond Pie ʕ• ᴥ •ʔ

    Gacha Diamond Pie ʕ• ᴥ •ʔ11 kun oldin

    Sssniperwolf channel. Where we criticize and call people out for being cheap XD...

  64. Yvonne Hung

    Yvonne Hung12 kun oldin

    This was the cheap yoga lady

  65. Alisha Legrand

    Alisha Legrand12 kun oldin

    Where is absolutely disgusting it makes me gay

  66. Sweetsugar !

    Sweetsugar !13 kun oldin

    So she can afford all those nasty dried up wigs but uses hair for floss ...? ;-; Bish wut