The Los Angeles Lakers scored 81 2nd-half points en route to their 128-99 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was their 9th-straight victory. LeBron James scored 31 PTS on 12-16 shooting, and Dwight Howard added 21 PTS and 15 REB. Kevin Love led the Cavaliers with 21 PTS and 11 REB.
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  1. Cristina Narciso

    Cristina NarcisoKun oldin

    i love you lebron

  2. Atrain973 main4life386

    Atrain973 main4life386Kun oldin

    Sometimes it does look like Showtime but , never like the Magic Show .

  3. Atrain973 main4life386

    Atrain973 main4life386Kun oldin

    Honestly I don’t think we should’ve been up only by one point around the third quarter. Too close of a game .

  4. Portraits By Douglas

    Portraits By DouglasKun oldin

    Lakers are overrated.

  5. Buffalo New Yorker

    Buffalo New YorkerKun oldin

    Lebron is a better asset to a team then Leonard.

  6. Richie V.

    Richie V.Kun oldin

    Okay anyone saw that cavs player stand in front of lebron as though he dunked on him. Lebron was no where near but good job pissing off the 👑. he just shat on your team.

  7. Phil Smith

    Phil Smith2 kun oldin

    CliveNBA's full game highlights are better than yours asshole!!!

  8. Galib Lumanog

    Galib Lumanog2 kun oldin

    I prefer love than cousins

  9. Creative Jer Jer 3.0

    Creative Jer Jer 3.02 kun oldin

    The Cavs just need to play better defense because they usually start with a lead but can’t continue it

  10. Janduen Soriano

    Janduen Soriano3 kun oldin

    Garland showing some moves!

  11. Leslie Trapps

    Leslie Trapps3 kun oldin

    Nocrime Nojustice

  12. Sagatuppercut SF2

    Sagatuppercut SF23 kun oldin

    Why can't LeBron play like this against the Clippers?

  13. Myron Jr

    Myron Jr3 kun oldin

    AD to miss all star game?

  14. Myron Jr

    Myron Jr3 kun oldin

    No AD?

  15. Jake Myers

    Jake Myers3 kun oldin

    Why are they not playing Troy Daniels? Something is wrong with this Vogel guy!

  16. Bella Bogen

    Bella Bogen4 kun oldin

    Lakers on the way.. go Kuzma my honey

  17. Gay kid with fortnite pfp

    Gay kid with fortnite pfp4 kun oldin


  18. Chen Po

    Chen Po4 kun oldin

    The Laker system works well that even Lebron plays catch and shoot

  19. ActionClickKill TV

    ActionClickKill TV4 kun oldin


  20. 30k Subscribers without any uploads!!

    30k Subscribers without any uploads!!4 kun oldin

    They all thought LBJ was gonna dunk

  21. Freak A Zoid

    Freak A Zoid4 kun oldin

    Raining 3's🤔

  22. Big Savagge Da G

    Big Savagge Da G4 kun oldin

    Kyle Kuzma has hit a lot of buzzer beaters this season.

  23. Rashaad Kinsey

    Rashaad Kinsey4 kun oldin


  24. Neal Capuchino

    Neal Capuchino4 kun oldin

    honestly....does the nba play any phucking true hardnose defense?????.

  25. SDAWG

    SDAWG4 kun oldin

    I love my Lakers and they played awesome against the Cavs but when will we see this Lebron when he plays against the Clippers?? Until I see this kind of enthusiasm and confidence when Lebron's matching up with Kawhi and the Clippers I'm gonna curb my optimism and or faith in the Lakers ability to beat good teams.

  26. Steven Avila

    Steven Avila4 kun oldin

    Sofia Jamora at the scores table at 9:19 🔥

  27. Jake Wilson

    Jake Wilson4 kun oldin

    LeBron James and Dwight Howard had a blast against the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James' former team!!! Let's go Lakers!!! I 🖤 L.A!!!

  28. andrewf0784

    andrewf07844 kun oldin

    Le bron jams used to play for the cavs now he is playing against them as a laker

  29. Memo ////

    Memo ////4 kun oldin

    LBJ my bro but he load manages when it’s time to guard Kawhi but has all the time and energy to shit on garbage teams in the 4th quarter. Damn

  30. Cali Drifter

    Cali Drifter4 kun oldin

    Gotta check out “gonna Learn today” Cali Drifter And Mic Wreka New Rap 2020 🔥

  31. jose miguel

    jose miguel4 kun oldin

    Still a lot of good memories with the Cavs but LBJ had to move on. Great to see KL & TT.

  32. nate love

    nate love4 kun oldin

    James traded back to Cleveland👀🤔

  33. Dale Wright Reptiles

    Dale Wright Reptiles4 kun oldin


  34. Never Mind

    Never Mind4 kun oldin

    The thing I liked on Alex Caruso was... he can able to read the opponent's plays🤐

  35. jboogy259

    jboogy2594 kun oldin

    Dwight if you had as much courage to shoot that three back in 2009 instead of missing every free throw shot we would have won a NBA title in Orlando ole Asshole 😂😂😂😂

  36. Jay Ayers

    Jay Ayers4 kun oldin

    Tacos tacos tacos!

  37. I like to comment

    I like to comment4 kun oldin

    I didn't know Eminem was on the Lakers. I didn't even know he could ball. 😱

  38. Donovan Mitchell

    Donovan Mitchell4 kun oldin

    Oh boy

  39. Troy Addict

    Troy Addict4 kun oldin

    Kuzma look so fucking gay dude like you can’t be that light skin and pink lips have such light colored hair

  40. Unknown Person

    Unknown Person4 kun oldin

    Kevin love can't play his game... He's not the big small dude back n twolves anymore.... His game transitioned when he played with LeBron... Today's game is all about shooting outside no bully all.. Postmoves which the young klove excels before.. He's an auto 20pts 15 rbs before now.. He's getting older and slower... He needs a good pss first guard who can make plays high rolls

  41. Erick Lopez

    Erick Lopez4 kun oldin

    LMAO did the cavs coach really think that it was a good idea to put Tristan Thompson as the primary defender to LeBron?😂

  42. King Element

    King Element4 kun oldin

    Cavs tried to recruit Lebron back...Tried.

  43. Buenrostro 2020

    Buenrostro 20204 kun oldin

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  44. Alvin Grace

    Alvin Grace4 kun oldin

    Watching Dwight Howard in his 16tg season playing at this level given the system with LeBron and AD as well as a great cast just makes me think damn if he would have taken it as serious as he could have with his God given abilities and physique he could have been one of the all time greats.... still has 3 DPOYs

  45. Cu Bi

    Cu Bi4 kun oldin

    Good game

  46. Nicolas Amista jr.

    Nicolas Amista jr.4 kun oldin

    Grabeh! Lakas ng Line up ng Lakets nmn :D

  47. Lazaven

    Lazaven4 kun oldin

    So we just gonna forget about the bald eagle?

  48. djknight_bringin'_back_the_oldskool_style

    djknight_bringin'_back_the_oldskool_style4 kun oldin

    This was a good game I haven't enjoyed this era of basketball since 1998 when Michael Jordan retired but this era of Lakers and Cavaliers are fun to watch 😎

  49. Casual Pleb

    Casual Pleb4 kun oldin

    LeBron was letting Thompson know he couldn’t guard him

  50. Jordan Mattson

    Jordan Mattson4 kun oldin

    Kuz out here lookin like slim shady.

  51. Jonathan Reyala Cardoza

    Jonathan Reyala Cardoza4 kun oldin

    9:25 Tristan cannot wait for his handshake.. 😅🤣😂

  52. Julian Rangel

    Julian Rangel4 kun oldin

    Lebron should get Kevin love to join the Lakers

  53. abcmaya

    abcmaya4 kun oldin

    @ 4:15 smoooth

  54. Christian Samayoa

    Christian Samayoa4 kun oldin

    Lakers are just playing around. Cavaliers pushing to keep up. Edit: cavs suck, Not pushing for anything. So bad it seems intentional.

  55. John Doe

    John Doe5 kun oldin

    Why’d you do it Tristan. Why did you have to yell in his face.

  56. WordWar Iii

    WordWar Iii5 kun oldin

    Kawhi : aaaha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

  57. Jacob Wiley

    Jacob Wiley5 kun oldin

    More fast break lobs to Bron plz

  58. Jacob Wiley

    Jacob Wiley5 kun oldin

    Rank of player value on Lakers (adv stats): LBJ AD (Cousins out) Dwight Green McGee KCP AC Dudley Bradley Rondo Kuz TD QC This tells me that AC and Dudley should be getting way more minutes. Iguodala would be best add by far. Collison would be good add. Kuzma for Covington would be great trade. And Lebron is ridiculous with 9.5 BPM this year (by comparison AD is 7.2).

  59. Jaccobtw

    Jaccobtw5 kun oldin

    Kevin Love should have returned to minnesota form once LeBron left. He’s still way too passive

  60. Jaccobtw

    Jaccobtw5 kun oldin

    Bron got a super power better than youth.... aka Wisdom.... elite wisdom