Thanks to all you Mythical Beasts out there, we were able to create a brand new Mythical Kitchen! Here's a tour of this beautiful space where we're going to be whipping up a ton of awesome new food content coming your way. Stay tuned! MK #001
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  1. Stefan Zubal

    Stefan Zubal10 soat oldin

    When will Josh be on Iron Chef ..... hehe

  2. Stefan Zubal

    Stefan Zubal10 soat oldin

    This. Is. Nirvana!!!

  3. Steven Mello

    Steven Mello11 soat oldin

    Fyi, it goes wash, rinse, sanitize

  4. William Miller

    William Miller11 soat oldin

    Magnetic knife board in a state that has earthquakes? Maybe it's just me....

  5. Sam Pownell

    Sam Pownell12 soat oldin

    electric stove???

  6. Madi

    Madi12 soat oldin


  7. Nero Wolfie

    Nero Wolfie13 soat oldin

    Josh Surströming is supposed to be refrigerated!

  8. Jeremiah Burns

    Jeremiah Burns14 soat oldin

    I want to know who Trevor nicked the cookie recipe from.

  9. Emil Deilert

    Emil Deilert15 soat oldin

    If you are planning to make a video on Surströmming, please don't just open the can and eat it. You never see you tubers eating it as it's meant to be eaten. Open the can under water and clean the filets. Then serve them with crisp flat bread, potatoes, sour cream, red onion and chives. It's delicious and the consistency is unlike anything you will ever eat in a good way.

  10. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith16 soat oldin

    Already watched this video waiting for one today..?

  11. Tm M

    Tm M19 soat oldin

    Josh we r going to be way more than 1 video a week lol

  12. Hello There

    Hello There20 soat oldin

    Better get link away from the wall of knives

  13. AllurianRose

    AllurianRose21 soat oldin

    Oooooooo kitchen goals. Only like everything 2 feet lower , so I dont have to stand on my knees in my wheelchair lol.

  14. Mike Myers

    Mike Myers23 soat oldin

    About time you got your own channel, you have been carrying Rhett and Link for years.

  15. Kallie Everson

    Kallie Everson23 soat oldin

    Y’all should get julien solomita on a show or something. Like a vegan episode

  16. katie

    katieKun oldin

    what ever happened to tess?

  17. Cat Nugget

    Cat NuggetKun oldin

    Please guys, really miss the unlisted mythical videos... could you please make them available to us?

  18. J

    JKun oldin

    J You can just watch them in the playlist on this channel

  19. el humanoid

    el humanoidKun oldin

    I love you guys. Hope you see this. Look at ya'll.

  20. matez art

    matez artKun oldin

    If you unscrew the handle of that knife its full of survival stiff, matches, wire, fishing hooks./ Rambo knife

  21. Riah L

    Riah LKun oldin

    I love mythical kitchen!

  22. Kelsey Gold

    Kelsey GoldKun oldin

    Yayyyy! I don't think I've ever commented on a youtube video before, but so so happy for you all and can't wait to watch more/steal some food next time I'm at the office!!

  23. TheVet Summer

    TheVet SummerKun oldin

    Anyone else fully appreciate how that knife went through the tomato LIKE BUTTER

  24. Tod Robinson

    Tod RobinsonKun oldin

    All into it now where’s the vids ?

  25. Earthen vessel !!

    Earthen vessel !!Kun oldin

    ***hope you see this comment*** just fyi...the cans that you have of the fermented swedish fish with the CONVEX tops, are getting ready to explode ....I know this from personal experience, that you DO NOT WANT ROUNDED CANS OF "SURSTROEMING"!! They WILL pop open, and you will have to burn down your kitchen after,... good luck...

  26. Brendon Miller

    Brendon MillerKun oldin

    I’m so glad that you have Deathwish coffee. I love Valhalla Java personally.

  27. Shana Williams

    Shana WilliamsKun oldin

    You spray, wash, rinse, THEN sanitize

  28. maheedhara reddy

    maheedhara reddyKun oldin


  29. Kennie Nguyen

    Kennie NguyenKun oldin

    Please make sure the new kitchen is Link-proof

  30. Tyblorg

    TyblorgKun oldin

    Love Nicole. Love me a woman with a figure

  31. Diallo Wilson

    Diallo WilsonKun oldin

    GMM, MYTH Kitchen, Smosh, that place is a powder keg.

  32. Charlotte Hibbert

    Charlotte Hibbert2 kun oldin

    Not to be over dramatic but I would *die* for Trevors cookies

  33. Abram Dutton

    Abram Dutton2 kun oldin

    I just drink deathwish coffee everyday 😂

  34. Hamidreza Hakimpanah

    Hamidreza Hakimpanah2 kun oldin

    very happy to have an iranian chef in the show

  35. Jared Paul

    Jared Paul2 kun oldin

    Josh and Nicole need to get together.

  36. Danean Faure

    Danean Faure2 kun oldin


  37. Anne Elizabeth Meyers

    Anne Elizabeth Meyers2 kun oldin

    All right, we definitely need more Trevor.

  38. eng1twr

    eng1twr2 kun oldin

    Nicole’s is just awesome. No offense josh you awesome to but

  39. cody hedges

    cody hedges2 kun oldin

    If you ask me how high, I just say get the swishers.

  40. Mia P.

    Mia P.2 kun oldin

    is it just me or is Trevor lowkey a bean

  41. No Excuses

    No Excuses2 kun oldin

    Hell yeah Rock on crew I can’t friggin wait! Congratulations 🎉

  42. Nissa S.

    Nissa S.2 kun oldin

    Who thinks that when there's a Food Fears Surstrumming episode, Noah Grossman should be the guest?

  43. Amber Boring

    Amber Boring2 kun oldin

    Does anyone else want to see Josh compete on Food Network's Chopped? Chopped UZgo Edition: Chef Josh vs. Chef Babish vs. (insert 2 other chefs here)

  44. Elizabeth Layton

    Elizabeth Layton2 kun oldin

    It would be super cool if at the end of your videos you posted a quick graphic of all the ingredients to what youre cooking. btw the fish sauce looks awesome!

  45. Little Tracks

    Little Tracks2 kun oldin

    Keep Trevor. He is great.

  46. Brudny Nurek

    Brudny Nurek2 kun oldin

    Electric cooktop? Josh, why no gas?

  47. Brudny Nurek

    Brudny Nurek2 kun oldin

    Why is deathwish in the nightmare drawer? It's just coffee.

  48. Gameing Dominator

    Gameing Dominator2 kun oldin

    Just saying in a three compartment sink it’s wash rinse then sanitize

  49. Edward P. Shikles

    Edward P. Shikles2 kun oldin

    Wow, Nicole has a very attractive personality! She shouldn’t have any trouble falling in love- or rather, she shouldn’t have any trouble with a guy falling in love with her XD

  50. Zee Anon

    Zee Anon2 kun oldin

    i'm so surprised they don't use gas stoves

  51. Jacquelyn Finn

    Jacquelyn Finn2 kun oldin

    I am so happy about this!

  52. Curdle Games

    Curdle Games3 kun oldin

    You guys are adorable, love this!

  53. Carla Foss

    Carla Foss3 kun oldin

    Way to go... now the Alexa alarm’s gonna go off in 10 minutes and I’m gonna be all ‘what’s that sound??!!’

  54. Carla Foss

    Carla Foss3 kun oldin

    Haha! It went off and totally startled me! 😆😆😆

  55. Michael McMillan

    Michael McMillan3 kun oldin

    My biggest takeaway: more delicious food will be made that we are left drooling over and trying to guess their recipes

  56. Tuftypinkchicken

    Tuftypinkchicken3 kun oldin

    I understand industrial but kitchen walls are supposed to be smooth and easy to clean. Maybe they aren't subject to Health Department inspections?

  57. Janell Smith

    Janell Smith3 kun oldin

    It's an Abesker(sp?) pan...its like Norwegian Ball like pancakrs

  58. Joshua Cruz

    Joshua Cruz3 kun oldin

    Total dream job! Can't wait to see the new content! 🙌

  59. Jānis Cauņa

    Jānis Cauņa3 kun oldin

    My favourite YT channel from now on.

  60. Melissa Sugar Glider Mom

    Melissa Sugar Glider Mom3 kun oldin

    Was anyone else waiting for Trevor to call out "COOKIES!" at the end? Lol

  61. Anna Hjort Danielsen

    Anna Hjort Danielsen3 kun oldin

    The wird pan with the round indents are a danish pan for making “æbleskiver”

  62. Michelle Burlingame

    Michelle Burlingame2 kun oldin

    Takoyaki and aebelskivers are the same thing but from different countries. They’re made in the same type pan.

  63. Jai Alexander

    Jai Alexander3 kun oldin

    So excited for what’s to come you guys!