Boosted Launches in Monstermax until it Breaks

The trucks drivetrain is almost done so we have to do some hard launches to make sure nothing needs upgraded before the Tug of War. So we might as well do 69 of them. Looky there something broke 😂😂 DENTSIDE UPDATE. CUMMINS UPDATE. EVERYTHING IS GETTING REBUILT. #nuclearreactors


  1. josh7120

    josh7120Kun oldin

    1 it sounds like a jet engine inside the truck, inside a jets cockpit and outside just idling around. 2 revving up and driving it sounds like them black ops zombies screaming haha!!

  2. Landscaping Specialties, LLC

    Landscaping Specialties, LLC2 kun oldin


  3. K Hettinger

    K Hettinger3 kun oldin

    Too frickin cool

  4. Tate Franz

    Tate Franz4 kun oldin

    Imagine getting kidnapped and taken here, something tells me you would just be having to much fun to leave tbh

  5. Nova Dirtbikes And More

    Nova Dirtbikes And More5 kun oldin

    It’s so funny when people get mad when they see this shit 😂

  6. leevinylcritic

    leevinylcritic5 kun oldin

    Can't wait to see him put some low profile rims on the Monster max and also stick a set of drag radials on and do a boosted launch with full lock on the front and rear steering, keep spinning so fast until its blur... Call that trick "the terrifying tornado" or "the Spin to win" cause you can't lose doing something like that.

  7. Noah Stewart

    Noah Stewart6 kun oldin

    Oh by the way here's where we shot it with a 12 gauge...bro WHAT😂😂😂

  8. rj rudder

    rj rudder6 kun oldin

    Insert: (Bald Eagle, M16, Budweiser, Marlboro Reds, Iced Tea, Fire, Chainsaws, Tits, Zombie Heads Exploding, Military Jets, Alot of “Yee Yee!”)

  9. acmethodman001

    acmethodman0018 kun oldin

    Monstermax is so badass!

  10. Razor- wolf89

    Razor- wolf899 kun oldin

    His truck be sounding like Danny phantoms ghostly wail

  11. Jason Vandervalk

    Jason Vandervalk10 kun oldin

    The little driveshaft that could!

  12. Chad Jones

    Chad Jones10 kun oldin

    Dude , you need a serious roll cage as hard as you guys push those trucks ! That’s a badass truck BTW !! You should put a diesel in that red rump ranger ! Love your vids !!!! Bring the carnage !

  13. Steven Drifter

    Steven Drifter10 kun oldin

    Hello! Can I have some info on that jack? I need to lift my bus

  14. Gegecat Smith

    Gegecat Smith10 kun oldin

    This little kid is destroying these trucks and kids in Africa are starving and could eat them this is not cool

  15. Gegecat Smith

    Gegecat Smith9 kun oldin

    @Juan Espiniza 2 and a half every other day

  16. Juan Espiniza

    Juan Espiniza9 kun oldin

    How many African kids do you feed everyday???

  17. Brandon Sanders

    Brandon Sanders10 kun oldin

    No only boys did! No girls allowed!!!

  18. Carter Burdine

    Carter Burdine11 kun oldin

    Just saying I’m not a hater

  19. Carter Burdine

    Carter Burdine11 kun oldin

    If you hate on this guy just don’t watch

  20. Chris Via

    Chris Via11 kun oldin

    Whistle need find something with a 572 BIG BLOCK

  21. Planet of the Abes

    Planet of the Abes11 kun oldin

    Too much gearing to really throw that dirt.

  22. Brock Tucker

    Brock Tucker12 kun oldin

    I love after the driveshaft breaks an O'Reilly's commercial comes on you tube is clowing

  23. Peyton Steele

    Peyton Steele12 kun oldin

    Is there anything that will break if I give it full throttle Me: yea your wallet for the gas money

  24. Andrew bailey

    Andrew bailey15 kun oldin

    Wait can you turn off the rear steer

  25. Horacio Torres

    Horacio Torres17 kun oldin

    Crazy son of a bitch 🤦

  26. OfficialRetard Repairs

    OfficialRetard Repairs21 kun oldin

    Too much lift not enough tire

  27. Nate Greenfield

    Nate Greenfield23 kun oldin

    Awesome is Alli can say

  28. ace_spades

    ace_spades23 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="538">8:58</a> Monstermax said no to that launch

  29. Lowkeymodzz

    Lowkeymodzz27 kun oldin

    He should just get it over with and buy a monster truck

  30. Canada! Place 2 be!!

    Canada! Place 2 be!!27 kun oldin

    Not sure all i see is our future. We r in big trouble. And u guys laugh. He does not even read them.

  31. Canada! Place 2 be!!

    Canada! Place 2 be!!27 kun oldin

    I don't talk to a wall u do u guys think u talking 2?

  32. Canada! Place 2 be!!

    Canada! Place 2 be!!27 kun oldin

    Most cement trucks 2 tire front. And steall haulers cabs trucks.

  33. Canada! Place 2 be!!

    Canada! Place 2 be!!27 kun oldin

    Who buying parts each hour?

  34. Canada! Place 2 be!!

    Canada! Place 2 be!!27 kun oldin

    Dare u to fuck it up.

  35. Bumble Bee

    Bumble Bee28 kun oldin

    You really are a d bag though

  36. Dominic radunz

    Dominic radunz28 kun oldin

    Dont reak it

  37. Speed Media

    Speed Media28 kun oldin

    You should do bigger tires and go do like a bounty hole with it

  38. gking4 cool

    gking4 cool28 kun oldin

    check engin light is on

  39. James Riddle

    James Riddle28 kun oldin

    Wislin you should get a ram 3500

  40. the life of a gamer101

    the life of a gamer101Oy oldin

    I hope he don’t destroy this truck

  41. Keashawn Stroggins

    Keashawn StrogginsOy oldin

    Gotta see how you put gas in that beast

  42. 48th Chromosome

    48th ChromosomeOy oldin

    How the fuck does the steering work on that thing?

  43. big chunker

    big chunkerOy oldin

    does anyone think it sounds like a four wheeler? if you agree like I \I/

  44. xMOKOx

    xMOKOxOy oldin


  45. Travis Redman

    Travis RedmanOy oldin

    put the 36 wide fertilizer spreaders on it

  46. Jason Hoots

    Jason HootsOy oldin

    I wocch all your vedos and I like l them I wish I could meet sum time


    MARCUS HOPPEOy oldin

    You should get a 1972 Chevy Diesel

  48. Take Away Kitty

    Take Away KittyOy oldin

    This thing sounds like my daughter's power wheels from in side the cab

  49. Gage McColley

    Gage McColleyOy oldin

    I hate how I can hear the gears

  50. Snow Trapz

    Snow TrapzOy oldin

    It’s lit when you do burnout launches on pavement road instead of the dirt field.?

  51. Outdoor Sumo

    Outdoor SumoOy oldin

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  52. Fish Talk

    Fish TalkOy oldin

    Useless piece of trash... You should of destroyed this pos and the 80s dually and kept the show truck f350

  53. Exxo

    ExxoOy oldin

    Take it to a mudding event

  54. Christopher Staiger

    Christopher StaigerOy oldin

    It will be pretty hard to break that little stub axle because you have planetary gear axles so most of the torque is after the transfer case down on the axles that's where most of your gearing is so there's hardly any torque on that small Driveline

  55. Liang Zhou Navas

    Liang Zhou NavasOy oldin

    Is this like a big waste of money

  56. Karol Smith

    Karol SmithOy oldin

    Yeah but is it street legal.

  57. steven jacobs

    steven jacobsOy oldin

    It's fun to watch you break your shit, but you and your posse have no creativity, you millennials need a lesson in how to break shit correctly from guys who grew up in the 70s and's a clue, when in doubt ask yourself "how would Johnny Knoxville do this" !!!! Then make it epic!

  58. M C

    M COy oldin

    When and where is the tug a war going to take place with Bruce Wilson? ?

  59. Brody Dickman

    Brody DickmanOy oldin

    the moter sounds like a dirt bike

  60. Gavin Collier

    Gavin CollierOy oldin

    Rapit black a gen

  61. Lynn Peacock

    Lynn PeacockOy oldin

    It sounds so like a demon is under the hood

  62. Chris Salter

    Chris SalterOy oldin

    Hit the hole bud love it

  63. M4

    M4Oy oldin

    When this mans said flat bed I lost it.

  64. Johnny Cash

    Johnny CashOy oldin

    Did you build it

  65. 1596angel

    1596angelOy oldin

    Dude take it to a mud hole

  66. Tonia Berg

    Tonia BergOy oldin

    I like chevy

  67. Future money Kev

    Future money KevOy oldin

    Not fun polluting the earth.

  68. Kyle Grochow

    Kyle GrochowOy oldin

    God I hope you get the corona virus

  69. Skyline gtr Yea boy

    Skyline gtr Yea boyOy oldin

    Double the traction for each wheel

  70. Oj Cluff

    Oj CluffOy oldin

    Got to Love that black smoke.

  71. Manuel Tovar

    Manuel TovarOy oldin

    Hey does anybody know what brand are those big coil overs? there bad ass

  72. Tylor Wallen

    Tylor WallenOy oldin

    Must be nice to be a spoiled little rich kid and spend all of daddy's money on stupid shit

  73. bretts Small engine

    bretts Small engineOy oldin

    Over privileged pieces of human garbage.

  74. Johnathan Phillips

    Johnathan PhillipsOy oldin

    That thing looks badass

  75. Xavier Tracy

    Xavier TracyOy oldin

    How did you get in

  76. Lamborghini 45

    Lamborghini 45Oy oldin

    “Tons of shavings in it NOT SURE WHAT HAPPENED” (cuts to boosted launches)

  77. Chastity Smith

    Chastity SmithOy oldin

    good monstermax

  78. fabian saldana

    fabian saldanaOy oldin

    The ford f350 is better

  79. Carlos Moran

    Carlos MoranOy oldin

    Whistlin diesel fabrications 😂. 👍👍👍👍👍

  80. Carlos Moran

    Carlos MoranOy oldin

    Monster 👍👍 turbo is bad ass !!!!

  81. Infamous list Bills

    Infamous list BillsOy oldin

    What greenhouse range is that? Just curious I’m in the business.

  82. Michael Harley

    Michael HarleyOy oldin

    This little spoiled brat trys to copy everything the real men do the diesel brothers this kid have no respect for anything

  83. Valley Livin

    Valley LivinOy oldin

    What boots you have ?