Bill Gates outlines what he thinks world is learning about pandemics

Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Microsoft, weighs in on what he thinks the world is learning about pandemics from Covid-19 and what the role of the public and private sector is during circumstances like this. #CNN #News


  1. patrick phillips

    patrick phillipsKun oldin

    I had a xbox and it was the biggest P.O.S. console I've ever had think the Head of Sony should be in charge of vaccines :L. Jk killuminati fuck bill gates

  2. Megan Megan

    Megan Megan2 kun oldin

    Bill Gates- the most heated man in the world write now

  3. Elli Syys

    Elli Syys3 kun oldin

    Największą pandemię to ten chuj ma w swoim chorym mózgu.

  4. sarah nabbi

    sarah nabbi4 kun oldin

    He needs to face criminal charges, this evil Billgates, we will not accept their vacccine, we will continue to spread the message around the World and protests will go on and on.

  5. x y

    x y5 kun oldin

    Fuck you

  6. James Purdie

    James Purdie5 kun oldin

    See Corbett Report's history of Bill Gates. Then you'll be scared. Mr Gates Senior was into Eugenics as well!

  7. Blue Diamond

    Blue Diamond6 kun oldin

    Bar far the most demonic man alive 🙌🏻

  8. Hue Q.

    Hue Q.6 kun oldin

    DR FAUCI warned bout a SURPRISE outbreak of an infectious disease next administration in 2017 🦠

  9. Denise

    Denise6 kun oldin

    When I see someone grin and smirk at all the wrong times and when they act like a Dr. but they aren't and when they have billions of dollars and can do a lot of harm but I think the worst thing is when I see someone administer polio vaccines to innocent kids in India that he knows is gonna cripple a huge percentage of if not kill them I get sick to my stomach bc I know it's gonna be hard to stop him.

  10. Denise

    Denise6 kun oldin

    CNN sucks and Bill Gates is a monster!!!

  11. Palestinian talks

    Palestinian talks8 kun oldin

    What does his career has to do with coronavirus? He aint a doc to begin with

  12. Palestinian talks

    Palestinian talks8 kun oldin

    I need Shane to make a conspiracy theories video abt bill gates and his vaccine

  13. satans lovesu

    satans lovesu9 kun oldin

    Have you ever noticed how he's allways smirking and smiling whenever he talks about "millions dying because of: Virus/climate change/etc" He's so creepy

  14. NewWorldOrgone

    NewWorldOrgone9 kun oldin

    Bill Gates is the anti-Christ

  15. Leann Bond

    Leann Bond9 kun oldin

    The government does not have the right to tell me what to do with MY health decisions. The only thing the government has a right to do is to protect my constitutional rights. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  16. Lilly

    Lilly9 kun oldin

    This Satanist psychopath has been planning for years this pandemic, along with vaccines, population control, introducing HIV in Africa, sterilizing Indian women, he’s the master behind it, his dream is to control the population by killing people. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing pretending to be a philanthropist, more like eugenist. Him and HELLywood stars are Satan worshippers who sold their souls to the devil.

  17. Rio Febrian

    Rio Febrian10 kun oldin

    C = 3 O = 15 R = 18 O = 15 N = 14 A = 1 ________ + 6 66 its mean = 666 Still want that vaccine?

  18. Sjaak

    Sjaak6 kun oldin

    You think that's a solid argument? _Really_ ?

  19. Survival Specimen 11

    Survival Specimen 1110 kun oldin

    The world is watching and what we've learned has very little to do with pandemics and more to do with how globalists and media puppets propagate fear. Time is up

  20. aria reed

    aria reed10 kun oldin

    Sign petition to investigate Bill Gates for crimes against humanity

  21. Sjaak

    Sjaak6 kun oldin

    Investigations are not started by petitions.

  22. Filipe Carvalho

    Filipe Carvalho10 kun oldin


  23. Dawn Richerson

    Dawn Richerson11 kun oldin

    Bill Gates is a godless man. That's all I need to know.

  24. Andreas Kalcker

    Andreas Kalcker11 kun oldin

    Bil Gates and the CIA

  25. Sjaak

    Sjaak6 kun oldin

    That's not Bill Gates.

  26. purffle

    purffle12 kun oldin

    People blaming this dude for creating corona virus and saying the virus isn't real explains why people in US r so dumb :)

  27. Mehta Kya Kehta?

    Mehta Kya Kehta?13 kun oldin

    The world is learning about Bill Gates!

  28. Akhimien kingsley

    Akhimien kingsley13 kun oldin

    He's laughing and there's serious relatives conversation here abt Coronavirus. That shit ain't real. Its spread of news and fears in people's mindsets

  29. Shedrack Steven

    Shedrack Steven13 kun oldin

    Why is he pushing this vaccine so hard? Woah are they waiting for the 3/4 of the globe is infected, to make this vaccine mandatory? ooooh and they will make billions of $s and kill millions people too

  30. Shell Shock

    Shell Shock13 kun oldin

    Just remember Mr Gates....believe it or not...YOUR CREATOR WILL BE JUDGING YOU. That is gonna suck to be you !!

  31. Shell Shock

    Shell Shock13 kun oldin

    Bill a medical expert. Right. Figures cnn sees him as a medical expert.

  32. Bea Long

    Bea Long13 kun oldin

    Freako Gates has NO college degree and he is NOT a medical doctor or scientist of any kind; he's a globalist con artist and POS. Its time for the HUMANS of this world to vaccinate against the NON-human freaks and eradicate them from the planet!

  33. Ally Bartlet

    Ally Bartlet14 kun oldin

    why does he keep smiling and smirking while the other two are damn serious and worried? Look at the eyes. He is enjoying. So creepy.

  34. Jason Lee !

    Jason Lee !14 kun oldin

    We learned Gates and Fauci are evil mother fuckers!

  35. Shawn Fellows

    Shawn Fellows14 kun oldin

    Once again, no mention of his relationship with convicted pedophile/sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Why is that?

  36. Richard Miglio

    Richard Miglio14 kun oldin

    Motion Made to Arrest Bill Gates in Italian Parliament.

  37. Livinlife20

    Livinlife2014 kun oldin

    Bill Gates is evil..

  38. Livinlife20

    Livinlife2014 kun oldin

    He is evil

  39. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson14 kun oldin

    Doctor Death

  40. Aaron Hochstedler

    Aaron Hochstedler14 kun oldin

    It hasn't been done because it is unnecessary.

  41. Ryan Dee

    Ryan Dee14 kun oldin

    The likes and dislikes don't reflect the comments, you can't bullshit us CNN

  42. T Mix

    T Mix15 kun oldin


  43. WinTurd

    WinTurd16 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="194">3:14</a> and <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="198">3:18</a> - Bill "I love vaccines" Gates shrugs and big chuckle and grins at: "A pandemic that wipes out... huge percentages of the population"

  44. X32BBFY

    X32BBFY16 kun oldin

    What hapened to listen to medical experts? What's Bill Gates medical degree? CNN is garbage.

  45. Boutabag Entertainment

    Boutabag Entertainment17 kun oldin

    Somebody needs to murder that man 👿

  46. DAvid Coppafeel

    DAvid Coppafeel17 kun oldin


  47. Lindsey White

    Lindsey White17 kun oldin

    WHY is he smiling?

  48. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson14 kun oldin

    Because he enjoys killing and maiming people.

  49. Blu Moon

    Blu Moon17 kun oldin

    Devi morire bill

  50. Tim Bryant

    Tim Bryant17 kun oldin

    They all look smart. We should stop driving we would save more lives than covid will cause yearly.

  51. Lesley D

    Lesley D18 kun oldin

    God bless Bill Gates

  52. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson14 kun oldin

    @Lesley D Oh ok Why does a catholic wear a cross without jesus on it? That is not catholic. Yes the cross is upside down. God bless you.

  53. Lesley D

    Lesley D14 kun oldin

    @Mike Nelson There's so many things wrong with your replies that its hard to know where to begin. Let's deal with deletion first. All 3 of your replies are visible. Nothing has been deleted. Your first reply says "I'll give you a hint...His wife wore an upside down cross on the today show this week" Your second reply says "I gave you an answer but it was immediately deleted. You see the problem here?" Your third reply says "my answer to you keeps getting deleted" So relax. Stop being so paranoid about nothing. Now, about Melinda. First of all, if you actually watch the interview, the cross looks the same length on all sides. So the assertion that it's an upside down cross is bizarre. Second, even if I threw you a huge bone and pretended that it WAS an upside down cross, the reason for it being worn that way would still be a mystery. How in the world would you be able to make any conclusions between it being accidentally worn that way, being a deliberate statement that she was making that had nothing to do with satanism (FYI, satanism doesn't recognise an upside down cross as a symbol of theirs), being a statement that had nothing to do with religion at all, being an imperfect bit of jewellery that some kid has made etc? There's a million possibilities. Thirdly, Melinda is a Roman Catholic. But even if I threw you a huge bone again and pretended that she was a Satanist, that would still leave you back at square one. Your claim was that Bill doesn't play for that team and your reasoning was that someone else doesn't play for that team. That tells you absolutely nothing about Bill.

  54. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson14 kun oldin

    @Lesley D I'll give you a hint. His wife wore an upside down cross on the today show this week.

  55. Lesley D

    Lesley D14 kun oldin

    @Mike Nelson How do you know?

  56. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson14 kun oldin

    He doesn't play for that team.

  57. Xxdgxx

    Xxdgxx18 kun oldin

    Bill Gates is so concerned with overpopulation, if he wants depopulation he should start with himself, his entire family and his friends. Fuck you Bill and you will rot in hell. 🖕

  58. Papa Grab

    Papa Grab18 kun oldin

    Gates is a megalomaniac globalist pos and he owns the WHO. Fuck him and his shemale wife.

  59. C Schroeder

    C Schroeder18 kun oldin


  60. Sheila Thomas-Spencer

    Sheila Thomas-Spencer19 kun oldin

    WHY ARE WE HEARING FROM BILL GATES ON THIS ISSUE? HE NEEDS TO STAY IN HIS TECHNOLOGICAL LANE! THIS IS CRAZY!!! HE'S SO EXCITED ABOUT PEOPLE DIEING. WHY IS HE SMILING? THESE ARE PEOPLE'S LIVES!!! We have forgotten that the government works for the people. People need to speak up and stop looking for the government to control us.

  61. Vasy StanMusic

    Vasy StanMusic19 kun oldin


  62. Sig Sepsis

    Sig Sepsis19 kun oldin

    Listen everyone, & share this message- in the name of God. Don't let Satan control your mind. Fight for God, say Fuck You Satan. And anyone wants to challenge me, then bring it on. But God will always win. Let the Demon out of you, express all your anger. You won't hear a response from me again. That is a promise, don't believe; try it-& see what happens.

  63. Linda Forbes

    Linda Forbes20 kun oldin

    We are the masses Bill. We are all saying No!!!! to your toxic vaccines. No!!!! to one world government. No!!!! because I think no one has ever told you No!!!! in your life. Folks like me Bill, No!!!! The mark of the beast ID2020, 060606, your tattoo, No!!!! My allegiance is to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In Jesus name, I bind the principalities, the powers (authorities), the world rulers of the darkness of this world, and the spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places, (Eph. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="372">6:12</a>) every strong man, and every demon connected to every strong man concerning you Bill. I have prayed for your salvation, you wicked man. You can't buy God or people like me and we are many. I love this scripture: Whoever believes in the Son (Jesus Christ) has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them. (Jn. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a>) Will you continue down the path you are on, or will you stop and consider Christ? What's your choice? God always gives us a choice, unlike you who want to trample our God given rights and force killer vaccines down our throats. You'll have to give God an account for all the children you've killed or maimed with your toxic vaccines in poverty stricken countries like India and Africa. I'm giving them a voice, and it resounds with mine. No!!!! Can you hear the heavens roar Bill, I can, and they are saying No!!!!

  64. Kyle

    Kyle20 kun oldin

    What an absolute psychopath

  65. whereverland

    whereverland20 kun oldin


  66. Miles Moore

    Miles Moore20 kun oldin

    The economy was shut down to destroy lives. The excuse was it's for "Saving lives" right Bill-ionaire Gates ?

  67. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson14 kun oldin

    The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants. -Albert Camus

  68. caldogrun

    caldogrun21 kun oldin

    Fucking creep! Do not trust this man any further than you can throw him! Maybe he should be the first one to be injected with his patented vaccine...Oh yes, he says: "You want things to be safe" Really? Does he...Want things to be safe...?

  69. Juma said

    Juma said21 kun oldin

    God will kill all enemy,

  70. marcus clavier

    marcus clavier21 kun oldin

    He is giddy with his evil plan..

  71. marcus clavier

    marcus clavier21 kun oldin

    Someone cut this demon's head. THIS MOTHERFUCKER MADE THE FUCKING VIRUS

  72. SNS MD

    SNS MD21 kun oldin

    It’s funny how many of these conspiracy theorists become quiet when you ask them for sources or any type of evidence to back up their claims. Very funny to see this people try to say the things they believe

  73. Lenny Mice

    Lenny Mice20 kun oldin

    That's because they're too embarassed to admit that they're taking the word of a man that thinks that the world's leaders are members of a reptilian alien race that has taken over the planet.

  74. The Lost Motorcycle Club

    The Lost Motorcycle Club21 kun oldin

  75. G Sterling

    G Sterling21 kun oldin

    Brilliant! "I trust Bill Gates more then doctors because he's an IT person, not a doctor. He's not part of the corrupt medical establishment....When my kid gets sick, I bring him to the Apple store to have a computer technician look at him."


    AHMET YALCIN21 kun oldin

    Mr Gate are you doctor or are you scientist do you think you know anything about the vaccine or do you know about any pandemic because you have a money do you think you can do do whatever you want to this world unfortunately this people will stand up and you can't do nothing about it and I will see you in the court

  77. MINDisLIFE

    MINDisLIFE22 kun oldin

    What does Bill Gates know about vaccines and viruses and pandemics? He didn't even invent Dos! Get back to copying QDos which you didn't even invent but just bought from another company to turn it into MS Dos!

  78. Ria den Breejen

    Ria den Breejen22 kun oldin

    Bill Gates - the epitome of pure evil. 😈

  79. Bill K

    Bill K22 kun oldin

    have a look at the smug look on bills face . what a dog . since when did mr gates become a scientist or a doctor .

  80. oskar oskarssson

    oskar oskarssson22 kun oldin

    How can they use Bill Gates as a knower for this pandemic? He is not a doctor. Im not a Trump fan but now I understand why Trump dont like CNN. Bill Gates is Dangerous. Kill him. Anderson Cooper is CIA trained. He is such a fake. You can really see how he trying so hard to look serious so people should be scared.

  81. D Abela

    D Abela22 kun oldin

    Dr. Shiva, who is a World Immunology Expert knows that our NATURAL immune system is so strong, it combats most viruses. So Vaccine manufacturers, like Bill Gates, are trying to force people to take then we lose our natural immunity..and guess what? Become sick and go buy more medicines from the same manufacturers who produced Vaccines in the first place..People, be careful !!

  82. Michele Lyn

    Michele Lyn23 kun oldin

    The problem is the Healthcare itself its not

  83. Michele Lyn

    Michele Lyn23 kun oldin

    Except the numbers are being manipulated and people dieing not from covid uet they put covid on the deth certs

  84. Jack Cameron

    Jack Cameron23 kun oldin

    Stop this guy from becoming the world dictator. Trump should arrest him. The WHO failed to alert the world in time. Gates is the biggest fundraiser for WHO and is guilty of criminal negligence.

  85. valencinas

    valencinas23 kun oldin

    This video should be taken down!

  86. The Lord Infamous Reborn

    The Lord Infamous Reborn23 kun oldin


  87. Geezy333

    Geezy33323 kun oldin

  88. In Cognito

    In Cognito23 kun oldin

    These globalists saying that something "much worse could come down the pike..." terrifies me. This has very little to do with 'health' and a whole lot to do with microchipping and ID'g everyone and a whole lot to do with creating an economic crisis. This is a Planned-demic. We need to wake up!

  89. In Cognito

    In Cognito23 kun oldin

    'Concern' from a man who constantly tells us the world is overpopulated. And now he wants to stop millions of deaths. I don't think so.

  90. In Cognito

    In Cognito23 kun oldin

    Research ID2020.

  91. In Cognito

    In Cognito23 kun oldin

    He laughs when the reporter says "...for the next pandemic...". There is something seriously wrong with him. Remember the days before this Planned-demic when you could catch a regular cold or sneeze and they didn't send the National Guard after you and it didn't make Bill Gates drool over you with his final solution, uh, I mean 'vaccine'