Big Ed Isn't Ready to Give Up | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

After spending the night alone, Ed heads over to a local café in hopes Rose will meet him there to make amends.
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  1. globalchic

    globalchicKun oldin

    he looks like a fat oompa loompa that is roaming around

  2. Hannia Mabel López Montaño

    Hannia Mabel López MontañoKun oldin

    I think nature knew how much of an asshole he was going to be, so he’s ugly as a warning to others to stay away from him

  3. Gabriela Bautista

    Gabriela Bautista2 kun oldin

    She wants to choke him..but he ain’t got no neck-😭

  4. Danica Willett

    Danica Willett3 kun oldin

    She can do so much better than him!!!!

  5. Yana Raheja

    Yana Raheja4 kun oldin

    Anyone see his phone wall paper

  6. Je Suis Moi

    Je Suis Moi4 kun oldin

    He have a horrible personality omg

  7. Shannon Buckley

    Shannon Buckley4 kun oldin

    Wait wait said you dont believe in love but here ya are saying ya love rose?

  8. Secrets with Shibbi

    Secrets with Shibbi5 kun oldin

    This guy is confusing last time he said “I dO NoT bELievE iN LoVE” then he says “I LoVE RoSe” at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="55">0:55</a> lol😂😂😂😂

  9. your mom

    your mom5 kun oldin

    I dont blame him i was once like him

  10. Lanz MORALES

    Lanz MORALES5 kun oldin

    Ed’s intentions are good but he really needs to know how to do it in a respectful way

  11. Shy Moran

    Shy Moran5 kun oldin

    Rose should not have give ed a chance he is a bad person

  12. Stephen J

    Stephen J5 kun oldin

    Why everyone raggin on Ed? Rose is using him just the same, they're both fucked lol

  13. Jenny Rose

    Jenny Rose6 kun oldin

    Looks doesn't matter but attitude does

  14. Kayla Camarao

    Kayla Camarao6 kun oldin

    OH MY GOD THE WAY HE SAID TAGALOG!!! I literally can’t-

  15. Marine Snow

    Marine Snow6 kun oldin

    His eyes hmmmm i dont know what do say.

  16. LxstLoser

    LxstLoser6 kun oldin

    The only reason he cant get a girlfriend is because he acts way too many question and has no neck and annoying

  17. Appleshot

    Appleshot7 kun oldin

    Why is he overly addicted in knowing her past anyway? I mean if you genuinely love the person, you accept them as who they are now, not who they were and who they were with. He asks as if he’s a detective. Lmao can’t he just move on?

  18. Basement Gaming

    Basement Gaming7 kun oldin

    He would stick his neck out for her if he could

  19. billygowhoop

    billygowhoop7 kun oldin

    I wonder how Ed backs out of a parking spot? He must use the mirrors.

  20. Faris Official

    Faris Official7 kun oldin


  21. adriselle

    adriselle9 kun oldin

    guys stop commenting about ed’s bad personality i’m tired of liking all the comments

  22. Cringe Hunter

    Cringe Hunter4 kun oldin

    And I'm tired of seeing this same comment

  23. Jericho Palmes

    Jericho Palmes9 kun oldin

    It's funny when he said "I love you," but he doesn't believe in love.

  24. Pearl Diamante

    Pearl Diamante9 kun oldin

    he's so ugly physically ugly inside and out

  25. SaltyHQ

    SaltyHQ9 kun oldin

    fat romeo

  26. Stella Colocino

    Stella Colocino10 kun oldin

    I got a conditioner ad before this video, they really know what Ed needs

  27. Estefany Hernandez

    Estefany Hernandez11 kun oldin

    Y’all my aunt really said, "No esta feo, esta curiosito”

  28. xxblxxberry milkshxkexx

    xxblxxberry milkshxkexx11 kun oldin

    My guy really had Rose as a bg in his phone.

  29. Junho Kim

    Junho Kim11 kun oldin

    10 Peso is 20 cents

  30. CottonPonyLover

    CottonPonyLover12 kun oldin

    i am sorry, but this guy is so rude and awful. Imagine how annoyed Rose would be. She should just take the chance to get away from him.

  31. ka ka

    ka ka12 kun oldin


  32. Banana Split

    Banana Split13 kun oldin

    For me, if I fell in love with someone from another country who spoke another language, I would want to learn as much about that language as possible. I would want them to teach me how to speak their language so I can help them feel comfortable with me. The fact that Ed is most likely simply using Google Translate and constantly talking to Rose in English is a bit concerning for me.

  33. ula ryznar

    ula ryznar13 kun oldin

    Omg i love reading comments of ppl who speaks philipinian and translate this strange background words to English ❤️

  34. Adrianna Taucher

    Adrianna Taucher13 kun oldin

    I thought he didn’t believe in love lmao

  35. Cecilia Rose

    Cecilia Rose13 kun oldin

    Lmao dude literally has her pic on the background of his phone.... creepy obsessive creeeeeep that poor girl, I can see it in her eyes, I've been in this situation and its not fun or fair.! Ed is wrong in every way he has no empathy, he cares only of himself it seems and whats best for himself. SELFISH. RUDE. PRUDE.SLUTSHAMING. ROSE IS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT

  36. Hanzkiee Fernandez

    Hanzkiee Fernandez14 kun oldin

    Now I understand that his attitude is his problem!

  37. Sherlyn Herd

    Sherlyn Herd14 kun oldin


  38. Yosif Rahim

    Yosif Rahim14 kun oldin

    And here I thought rose was being rude for nothing from memes

  39. Maria Mae Cantera

    Maria Mae Cantera15 kun oldin

    Edi wow

  40. Willow Louise

    Willow Louise15 kun oldin

    "its over. but im not ready to give up."

  41. Ryan Gibson

    Ryan Gibson16 kun oldin

    I’d never stick my neck out for someone as selfish as Ed

  42. the weird gurl

    the weird gurl14 kun oldin

    I don't know if you're intention was this to be a joke but I laughed

  43. Gamingben

    Gamingben16 kun oldin


  44. Scarlett McCormick

    Scarlett McCormick17 kun oldin

    he annoys me so much

  45. •Carmel Gacha•

    •Carmel Gacha•17 kun oldin

    There’s only one thing I think when I watch this ...... “Then he waddled away..till the very next day”

  46. nahzayiah jones

    nahzayiah jones3 kun oldin


  47. Hazel Kim

    Hazel Kim7 kun oldin


  48. Nebula537

    Nebula53710 kun oldin


  49. Mango Buffalo

    Mango Buffalo13 kun oldin

    haha yess

  50. Princess Kate Erika Vigilia

    Princess Kate Erika Vigilia22 kun oldin

    Ed last episode: I don't believe in love Ed now: I love Rose

  51. Jed Luna

    Jed Luna22 kun oldin

    Lmao <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> somebody shouted "it's smelly"

  52. Niya &Ke

    Niya &Ke26 kun oldin


  53. Yeseniaaa Pereyraaa

    Yeseniaaa Pereyraaa27 kun oldin

    I’m not trying to rude but why he’s built like Mike Wazowski 💀💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  54. Ryn Lahoylahoy

    Ryn Lahoylahoy28 kun oldin

    remember when he said he doesn't believe in love then here he said he loves rose lol whatta troll

  55. Douglas Peterson

    Douglas Peterson29 kun oldin

    He says he loves rose but last vid he said he doesn’t believe in love haha

  56. Denise Diaz

    Denise Diaz29 kun oldin

    He looks like Gru on Despicable Me lmao

  57. Bantayan Sidney

    Bantayan SidneyOy oldin

    First of, you're the one to lie with the simplest thing, height. Now you think she's the one to blame as liar?

  58. Cameron Jacques

    Cameron JacquesOy oldin

    We got wide neck, long neck and no neck

  59. BLIИKS & BLΛƆKPIИK Is The Revolution

    BLIИKS & BLΛƆKPIИK Is The RevolutionOy oldin

    *If I'm Rose, i would never show up*

  60. SuGa Min

    SuGa MinOy oldin

    Why the heck this no neck guy is so rude

  61. Alcober Sophia

    Alcober SophiaOy oldin

    Oh so your not ready to give up yet on rose but instead you give up on having a neck,bobo

  62. terror taco

    terror tacoOy oldin

    i really hoped that waitress would poison her coffee

  63. Alle Rhie

    Alle RhieOy oldin

    i hope she didn't stay with him

  64. Alexnadra Rangel

    Alexnadra RangelOy oldin

    Even tlc doing him wrong “ big Ed”🤣🤣

  65. Jolisa

    JolisaOy oldin

    Unpopular opinion: I think he only went on the show to get him some money to get a makeover. There was a few women on this show that did that as well although their flaws were not as bad.. one women had a weak chin but she at least had a neck, was thin and was cute to be a model, right after the show she got it fixed. So these people are not taking themselves too seriously and just testing their partners for the sake of entertainment. They are just dragging it on to carry a story line to get that money for the surgeries. It's like people who use their partner once they have enough money to level up their looks and do better.

  66. gray /

    gray /Oy oldin

    Wow he said a word "respect"

  67. dane

    daneOy oldin

    sana all winawallpaper HAHAHAHAHA

  68. Gabriela Möhring

    Gabriela MöhringOy oldin

    Damn ed is such an Idiot, i really hope that Rose is gonna find true love ,, she really deserved it

  69. Kung fu Benny

    Kung fu BennyOy oldin

    Wonder how long before his head fully sinks into his chest and disappears

  70. Cheeto Puffs

    Cheeto PuffsOy oldin


  71. TreyParkersBitch

    TreyParkersBitchOy oldin

    Anyone remember those troll dolls with the hair from the 90’s?

  72. Loutje

    LoutjeOy oldin

    No green card is worth it

  73. Meg T

    Meg TOy oldin

    Anyone else found it weird that he ordered himself a beverage before she even arrived. Isn’t it just basic manners to wait and order together?

  74. Wraith Reaper

    Wraith ReaperOy oldin

    A Sucker and his money will always part.

  75. Matthew

    MatthewOy oldin

    As a fellow Filipino, it hurts to talk about your past, the fact that he shoved questions about her past is just so messed up, you dont talk to someone to hurt them, you talk to them to make them feel comfortable

  76. Ecli. Xyzah

    Ecli. XyzahOy oldin

    Bakit Tagalic ang sinabi niya🤣🤣?

  77. Ecli. Xyzah

    Ecli. XyzahOy oldin


  78. Daniel

    DanielOy oldin

    Never trust a man with no neck.

  79. Erika Chavez

    Erika ChavezOy oldin

    I wonder if they get paid for this show?...

  80. LoRiN loZaDa

    LoRiN loZaDaOy oldin

    Not only did he call himself as Big ed, but his personality totally agrees with it

  81. Kimberly Chlouie

    Kimberly ChlouieOy oldin

    are you sure Ed! a form of RESPECT coming from you?but you dis respect her family ang rose feeling.She dont deserve yiu BIG FAT HEAD

  82. AteKrissia Tv

    AteKrissia TvOy oldin

    I heard the Baho omg hahaha pabango nya amoy ano narinig ko Yunahh

  83. Janet Monsi

    Janet MonsiOy oldin

    Rose did good by not showing up. But she slept with this dude🤮 idk how she is ever going to block that out. Then goes on to insult her about her hairy legs, honestly being with this dude is hitting rock bottom

  84. Taiga X Ryuuji

    Taiga X RyuujiOy oldin

    I'm searching for the full epesode but i could't find it.

  85. 11 Divya Vijay

    11 Divya VijayOy oldin

    Ed is the definition of hypocrite

  86. jefry pineda

    jefry pinedaOy oldin


  87. Kristil Byers

    Kristil ByersOy oldin

    We’re is his damn neck