Batista returns from injury - Raw, Sept. 14, 2009

Three months after Randy Orton injured Batista's arm, The Animal returns from retribution.
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  1. bono hiuson

    bono hiusonKun oldin

    Nasty looking mofos on the ring.. Man.. I like this settle explosive action back then..

  2. Tik tok fans

    Tik tok fansKun oldin

    और मारना था बनटीठा

  3. James Montgomery

    James Montgomery2 kun oldin

    Ooooooops DAMN RUN RANDY.......

  4. Gowtham Gowtham

    Gowtham Gowtham3 kun oldin

    Very very memorable movement the ANIMAL 🦁🦁🦁


    AUDIO BOOK3 kun oldin

    Batista is the best all times

  6. Sangam Entertainment

    Sangam Entertainment4 kun oldin

    Batista best player

  7. mustefa jemal

    mustefa jemal4 kun oldin

    Batista in Ethiopian language [kick forehead] :.l like Batista

  8. musical series

    musical series4 kun oldin

    Randy Orton best heel in wwe history

  9. Dick the Prick

    Dick the Prick7 kun oldin


  10. Stacey Miller

    Stacey Miller8 kun oldin


  11. Stacey Miller

    Stacey Miller8 kun oldin

    Good job

  12. Somchai Thongyam

    Somchai Thongyam9 kun oldin


  13. It’s your boi Skinny p-

    It’s your boi Skinny p-9 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a> there’s a guy in grey at the bottom of the steps and it looks like his whole life got shattered sjsj

  14. Nathan Farmer

    Nathan Farmer9 kun oldin

    Randy deserved it.

  15. صدام ادم ابو كطبكر صدام ادم ابو بكر

    صدام ادم ابو كطبكر صدام ادم ابو بكر9 kun oldin

    مافي كلام

  16. صوفي الجنوبي

    صوفي الجنوبي9 kun oldin


  17. Josh Miller

    Josh Miller11 kun oldin

    Gets power slammed and doesn't sell it.

  18. Silvia Sora

    Silvia Sora11 kun oldin

    Batista you s tay you go nothing pleace come back

  19. Dharanesh Darani

    Dharanesh Darani12 kun oldin

    My favourite Batista in old days

  20. Vishal Kumar

    Vishal Kumar13 kun oldin


  21. Vishal Kumar

    Vishal Kumar13 kun oldin


  22. RedmiNote5Pro Gaming

    RedmiNote5Pro Gaming14 kun oldin

    Pyro makes WWE , WWE

  23. RedmiNote5Pro Gaming

    RedmiNote5Pro Gaming14 kun oldin

    I didn't thought I would watch this again in Quarantine

  24. Amit Bhai

    Amit Bhai14 kun oldin

    Thanks Batista

  25. Zamasu did 911

    Zamasu did 91114 kun oldin

    Pause it at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="461">7:41</a> and look at Randy's head.

  26. R. R.H

    R. R.H14 kun oldin

    Back when batista heart was in it....

  27. R. R.H

    R. R.H14 kun oldin

    Lillian Garcia. Damn. She did a good job on the mic

  28. Paul Paul

    Paul Paul14 kun oldin

    Ma mandresc cu porecla asta a meaaa randy eu si nu ma si nu ma randy sunt asa imi spune toata lumea randy sunt

  29. Jorge Masvidal

    Jorge Masvidal14 kun oldin

    Ah Lilian Garcia ❤️

  30. Reynaldo Quillahuaman

    Reynaldo Quillahuaman16 kun oldin

    Jhon Cena was always the gentleman of wwe industry as Roman Reigns

  31. Rdx Nicko

    Rdx Nicko16 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="895">14:55</a> check in low speed. Fake movement

  32. Younes ALI

    Younes ALI17 kun oldin

    randy orton was very good in 2009

  33. บิ้กไบค์ แสบ

    บิ้กไบค์ แสบ17 kun oldin


  34. Nect Raft

    Nect Raft17 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="948">15:48</a> a guy vomiting..

  35. Ivana Castillo

    Ivana Castillo18 kun oldin

    Olson, new King,him this😍

  36. Ivana Castillo

    Ivana Castillo18 kun oldin

    I see you Batista olson kiss

  37. Ivana Castillo

    Ivana Castillo18 kun oldin

    Olson pruduct id good, Batista,cm punk 😕 encuadrn

  38. Sanjay Kumar

    Sanjay Kumar18 kun oldin

    Very nice looking

  39. Vippi ydv

    Vippi ydv19 kun oldin

    I love John sina

  40. Vippi ydv

    Vippi ydv19 kun oldin

    Ye bhoadi ka macchar sala kutta hamesha dhoke se hi Marta h

  41. Andy Orr

    Andy Orr19 kun oldin

    Seriously though, I really miss that Randy Orton

  42. Aristides Nshange

    Aristides Nshange19 kun oldin

    Roman is the best

  43. Nepal Lama

    Nepal Lama19 kun oldin


  44. Mister Clutch

    Mister Clutch20 kun oldin

    Smh... That damn Randy Orton is the modern day Fred Krueger.

  45. KEN Vicente

    KEN Vicente20 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="848">14:08</a> deadly clothesline again

  46. Mark A. Graff aka Snakebite nation

    Mark A. Graff aka Snakebite nation20 kun oldin


  47. real_david14

    real_david1420 kun oldin

    Who’s daughter??? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a>

  48. stone age Epic

    stone age Epic20 kun oldin

    Randy Corbin 🤔

  49. Jamil Ansari

    Jamil Ansari20 kun oldin

    I am the big fan of Batista's body he has the sexiest body ever in wwe males locker room 🔥

  50. Mistri Singh

    Mistri Singh21 kun oldin

    I like together

  51. KEN Vicente

    KEN Vicente21 kun oldin

    That deadly clothesline <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="835">13:55</a>

  52. Follow The Chosen

    Follow The Chosen21 kun oldin

    I never like Orton!!! Batista is the Bomb!!! One of the best from that era! Orton looks like he had been on the crack pipe.

  53. Santosh Kumar Sahu

    Santosh Kumar Sahu22 kun oldin

    Randy Orton is a traitor.

  54. Canmelita Wongdayan

    Canmelita Wongdayan22 kun oldin

    Batista strategy

  55. poylan sacay

    poylan sacay22 kun oldin

    allez y batista vous etes un bon homme je suis un gars de neuf onze ans des phillippines

  56. บิ้กไบค์ แสบ

    บิ้กไบค์ แสบ22 kun oldin



    OMAR ALMULAIKI22 kun oldin


  58. nav joshi

    nav joshi23 kun oldin

    I started watching wwe 2002 right yours year when you started watching wwe guys?

  59. Martina Soto

    Martina Soto23 kun oldin


  60. Martina Soto

    Martina Soto23 kun oldin


  61. Collab Rehab

    Collab Rehab23 kun oldin

    @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="881">14:41</a> The old Ronnie Garvin stomp.

  62. Khairul Azlan

    Khairul Azlan23 kun oldin

    it's weird that Randy hasn't aged a day. WWE did him wrong by making him a 13 time worlf champion and nerfed him then cast him aside now lmao

  63. Aditya Vashishtha

    Aditya Vashishtha23 kun oldin


  64. Agesa G.M

    Agesa G.M24 kun oldin

    1. Rock 2. Stone Cold 3. Batista 4. John Cena 5. Eddie Guerrero 6. Shawn Michaels 7. HHH 8. Edge 9. Brock Lesnar 10. Randy Orton 11. Roman Reigns 12. Seth Rollins 13. Booker T 14. Ronda Rousey 15. Becky Lynch 16. Drew Macntyre 17. Dean Ambrose 18. Hulk Hogan 19. Kevin Owen 20. Samoa

  65. mou rad

    mou rad24 kun oldin

    Oh my God, how stupid we were 🥴🥴🥴🥴

  66. Robert Good

    Robert Good25 kun oldin

    Its favorite

  67. canada 4474

    canada 447425 kun oldin

    Batista is awesome not sure why he is hated on...did anyone see him loosen the straps on his brace cause he knew he was takin it off

  68. Minister Bryan Bostic

    Minister Bryan Bostic25 kun oldin

    Come back 1 more time wwe needs it bad.

  69. xiong lee

    xiong lee26 kun oldin

    No batista don't leave wwe

  70. SayfRG2874

    SayfRG287426 kun oldin

    How is this not in a WWE Elite Defining Moments figure.

  71. Priya Sharma

    Priya Sharma27 kun oldin


  72. Vasage X

    Vasage X28 kun oldin

    God damn I miss THIS Randy so much, he just had this absolute killer LOOK to him, the way he carried himself and he was good on the mic.

  73. Captain XD

    Captain XD28 kun oldin

    11 years later Randy faked his leg injury to Aj Styles

  74. Ivonne Gonzalez

    Ivonne Gonzalez29 kun oldin

    Rock. Ice. Slow

  75. Ivonne Gonzalez

    Ivonne Gonzalez29 kun oldin

    Ya no me vas is it

  76. Ivonne Gonzalez

    Ivonne Gonzalez29 kun oldin

    Ahhh no no

  77. Ivonne Gonzalez

    Ivonne Gonzalez29 kun oldin

    Ya no me vas

  78. Ivonne Gonzalez

    Ivonne Gonzalez29 kun oldin

    Ya know

  79. Ivonne Gonzalez

    Ivonne Gonzalez29 kun oldin

    Roc k Ahhh 😌

  80. Kevin Lekic

    Kevin LekicOy oldin

    It‘s really sad that Batista never had a full rivarly between only of them 2 In 2006 Batista was supposed to go against Randy at wrestlemania than Batista got injured In 2009 Batista just wins his first wwe title and is forced to surrend it one day after because of another injury And then in 2014 they put a charity case like daniel bryan in the main event at wrestlemania and this is whenn wwe completely went down

  81. Michael Anderson

    Michael AndersonOy oldin

    I miss this WWE

  82. Israel Herrera

    Israel HerreraOy oldin

    Me gustan

  83. Hello Point

    Hello PointOy oldin

    Randy ...तो गधे का ल०ड है

  84. shisir thapa

    shisir thapaOy oldin

    Viper vs animal

  85. Wreckless/Faded Lv

    Wreckless/Faded LvOy oldin

    Batista isn’t a bad guy. Batista is Someone I respect like CM Punk. Both didn’t like the direction the wwe was headed. Everyone has their view and is entitled to their perspective


    PAK KORDIOy oldin

    You all the best batista love you