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We Asked 100 People if They Are Racist | Keep it 100 | Cut
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  1. Cut

    Cut7 kun oldin

    Hey friends! Life isn’t normal for anybody right now, but we’re doing our best to upload regular content for our community of fans and friends. That means we’ll be editing as much as we can from the videos we shot before we went on quarantine--and pushing ourselves to make some fun new things to keep you company, wherever you are. We love you guys!

  2. xpizzaplace100

    xpizzaplace1002 kun oldin

    Good vid

  3. Thor

    Thor4 kun oldin

    @Robert Patterson and you are wrong

  4. AscendingDruid

    AscendingDruid5 kun oldin

    @Patriotic Bird Again, here is part 2 of that other reply, you may have already seen it and read it, I'm still gonna try and post it again for context. Cut is definitely deleting these, so thanks for the sabotage you assholes. *"Also with my name,I’m not even really American. I just put this username because the bird looked cool so I just stuck with this name. Seriously,there is a whole paragraph about my username like wth?!"* - Seems like this post-modernism thing is contagious. So you picked a name, and profile picture that gives off the impression you are from the US, you have in your description "Bird Gang Protects America" and yet that is what, a gotcha on me? I'd say you just exposed yourself as weirdo charlatan, who thinks that because you don't care about how you present yourself you somehow win. That is bizarre dude. Oh and yeah, a paragraph about your username, was it too much for you to read, did it hurt your feelings? I just didn't know too many words would be such a problem for you, well I'm afraid this reply is going to be quite long, so you might want to clutch your pearls real tight. *"f you think that some random stock photo bird represents what I believe..."* - So because you're a liar, who's presenting as an American Patriot, that's somehow a fault with me. Right, got it, good to know you're even more ridiculous than I first thought. You know I was only half joking with you when I said you were a sniveling weasel, now I think you should definitely change it to that, suits you far better. *"...then I don’t think you should even bother with it at this point."* - Should bother with what? Taking people at face value? Believing people until they give me reason not to? Or do you mean I shouldn't bother commenting or replying to you, because if that's what you mean, then shit man, I ain't going nowhere. They have to censor and ban me to get me to fuck off. *"EDIT:Re-reading your comments again I don’t think you even bothered trying to have a sensible argument,you just wanted to be an ass."* - How many times do you have to attempt to pass off your terrible opinion as fact? I told you, weasel, it just don't work that way. Besides, I don't give a shit how you think I was being, because apparently they don't have wit where you come from, so you perceive it as anger, you really are kinda basic aren't you?

  5. AscendingDruid

    AscendingDruid5 kun oldin

    @Patriotic Bird One more thing you are conveniently ignoring, that what you quoted, wasn't even the first thing I said to that guy. You're using the next comment and saying "one of" the first things. Yet I didn't open with that did I? My first comment to him was asking him to step outside of his bubble, no cursing, it wan't pleasant, it also wan't overtly mean. Only when he displayed his cowardice did I call him for what he was. Why are you ignoring things like this? Oh that's right, because it competently wrecks your entire argument. Nice dodging there weasel, but you'll have to do better.

  6. AscendingDruid

    AscendingDruid5 kun oldin

    @Patriotic Bird *" When I said let's clear up some of your points, I meant that we could discuss some of your points that seem unclear. Clearly that wasn't basic enough so let's say this instead: Lets discuss some of your points."* - You are blaming me for not understanding you when you aren't being accurate with what you type. You didn't actually say any of that. Either type what you actually mean, or you can fuck off with this petty, pedantic bullshit. *"When I said "I have read every comment you made and I don’t see a change in perspective" I meant that I don't see a change in MY perspective. ut maybe I was unclear, o I'll let that fly."* - Yeah you are being unclear, perhaps purposefully so. How can you blame me for your incapability to be coherent an accurate in what you say, like you just did in the previous paragraph. You're being pathetic. *"Actually, saying however would make sense. Here's an example, I like hot dogs, however, I don't like hot dogs with mustard. I know its a weird example, but it can still be applied to what I said."* - Are we talking about hotdogs now? Your allegory isn't relevant. Stay on topic and don't try to use something unrelated in order to try and evade the clear contrarianism coming from you. *"Yea, actually I do have evidence that most of the talk you do is just cursing and in general being a jerk. By the way, this all comes from what YOU said."* - So what's your problem then, you latter claim that you're not the internet police yet your sole purpose here is to apparently chastise me for how you think I comment. Once again weasel, I don't care about your perceptions. How is that not sinking into your thick skull, I've said it like 3 times now. *"Clearly you want attention though if one of the first things you posted..."* - How is any of what I said inaccurate? Have you even attempted to debate any of these points, no you haven't. All you're doing is complaining that I'm not being nice to people. Why? Fuck knows. Does it really get you all twisted the way you think I talk to people? How does that affect you and why do you care so much to carry on, not debating anything I actually said, just the way I said it. Once again, it's pathetic that you object to naughty words so much. You really are sensitive. Otherwise you wouldn't give a shit how I speak. You can fuck yourself weasel, all you are doing here is clutching your pearls and saying "You're mean" and guess what? I don't care. Did I ask you to comment in the first place, no. You did it of your own volition, and for the final fucking time: YOUR PERCEPTIONS ARE NOT FACT So you can assume "I want attention" all you want, you're wrong, I've already explained to you my purpose and intentions, You just keep ignoring that part of my comments because you're a fucking coward. If you did actually address them, then you would have to admit that just because you say something doesn't mean its true. *"Already showed proof of your own words, so I don't have to repeat this again."* - This is the whole thing, like I said all you're doing is clutching pearls and attempting to dictate how I was feeling when I was typing these comments. Guess what numbnuts, you don't get to that. At least not without me calling out your bullshit for what it is. Seriously, do they have wit where you come from , or is it an alien concept to simpletons like you? *"I'm not trying to be the internet police, but if you act like a dick expect people to call you to for being a dick."* - You are certainly acting like some sort of comment policeman. I don't care if you think I'm a dick, in fact aren't you engaging in the exact same practice you are accusing me of? Turns out you are just a pearl clutching busybody, who would rather concentrate on calling others "dicks" than engage in any of what was said. You're some sensitive, little charlatan, who ducks and dives out of the way of the difficult and inconvenient stuff, and just complains about how other people talk. Do you really have nothing better to do than police speech and make moral judgments? I guess me taking the piss outta you about your handle really got to you. I'm sorry that I'm not a nice person to racists and ideologues, I never knew that would upset you so much and it's hilarious that it does.

  7. Firdaucy Musa

    Firdaucy Musa2 soat oldin

    I'm also sick of white people dissing themselves to appease blacks. Some people dont know how to think anymore. This video is very insightful in that it shows the spectrum of thought processes in society lately.

  8. Firdaucy Musa

    Firdaucy Musa2 soat oldin

    I cant believe someone thinks they cant be racist because there black, talk about some dumb shit.

  9. Elizabeth Schuyler ‘Hamilton

    Elizabeth Schuyler ‘Hamilton2 soat oldin

    “Black people can’t be racist.” -A man who is black making an assumption about a race -sounds pretty racist having an opinion on a race as a whole?

  10. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi2 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="33">0:33</a> Ah, so you’re of the *sexist* variety

  11. 312vandal

    312vandal2 soat oldin

    Lmfaoooooooo the fake blond hair dude claiming he can't be a racist 🤣

  12. Tyla Butler

    Tyla Butler2 soat oldin

    Black ppl can be racist.

  13. Seth R.C

    Seth R.C2 soat oldin

    Yeah thanks for keeping it 100 but racism is an individual thing first, and group/institutional second. That’s like saying hatred of cilantro is impossible because those in power love it. You have the right to distrust or hate white people for their culture if you want, as would i have the right to distrust and hate other races. I don’t need to go to the courthouse to get some warrant for racism so I can be an asshole, nor do black people or any other race. That’s freedom of expression. I appreciate this channel for asking the question though.

  14. Angel H

    Angel H3 soat oldin


  15. Mysterious Queen

    Mysterious Queen3 soat oldin

    everyone is racist towards blacks

  16. Saif Malik

    Saif Malik3 soat oldin

    Where the fuck do they even find these people

  17. Freddy Star

    Freddy Star3 soat oldin

    I feel bad when like my white friends say their racist cause of their ancestral past like you shouldn’t be entitled to this guilty conscious..Moving together is the only way we can move forward don’t feel bad about being privileged change it💯💯🙏🏾

  18. SlighT-in-tha-MinD

    SlighT-in-tha-MinD3 soat oldin

    Racism is fucking retarded

  19. Alexa Play;

    Alexa Play;3 soat oldin

    “Only when I’m driving” ok but that is so true in a way....

  20. Westin Holbert

    Westin Holbert3 soat oldin

    this video is full of a bunch of liberal fucks

  21. kaitlyn s

    kaitlyn s3 soat oldin

    “I don’t like nobody.” SAMMMME SIS

  22. NotsoExpert

    NotsoExpert3 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a> what privilege? I was born and raised poorly without money and barely saw my father? How am I so privileged?

  23. Yeetus Ur Fetus

    Yeetus Ur Fetus3 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> huh?

  24. Yeetus Ur Fetus

    Yeetus Ur Fetus3 soat oldin

    “Only when I’m driving” is that my dad? Hello

  25. Andreew Seymour

    Andreew Seymour4 soat oldin

    This is very controversial, but at my school, I tend to hear a lot of people make fun of Indian/Asian people and it tends to be the rough kids. When the kid who says it is white, people tell them it's wrong and often people will be racist back to them. However, when a black kid makes fun of an Asian/Indian and someone says something mildly racist back, it just gets carried way out of context and they are called racist and shamed. To me it doesn't add up considering everyone in my school is equal.

  26. Mário Agostinho

    Mário Agostinho4 soat oldin

    Arguing that you not racist because you are black is the same that say that I didn't stole because I'm white. It sound stupid? Because it is and kinda racist.


    BEASTY EASTY4 soat oldin

    Love this. lol

  28. Ethan Pavon

    Ethan Pavon5 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a> looks like earl sweatshirt

  29. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name5 soat oldin

    I kinda wish race doesn't exist. Like we are all humans, we just live in a different place and evolved to different climates.

  30. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name5 soat oldin

    It's stupid to think racism is terrible, but stereotypes are okay. Racist people often believe stereotypes.

  31. i lish

    i lish5 soat oldin

    black people *can* be racist. anyone can be racist whether you believe it or not.

  32. Rhiannon

    Rhiannon5 soat oldin

    "Are you racist ?" "Only when I'm driving" That was GOLD 😂

  33. Deanna Spratt

    Deanna Spratt5 soat oldin

    did these people really just say black people cant be racist

  34. Gamer YouTube

    Gamer YouTube6 soat oldin

    These comments are crazy

  35. BerryNice 56

    BerryNice 566 soat oldin

    Just want to state an opinion, racism isn't between black and white. Nor is it calling someone by their race or something. And to be honest everyone is a little bit racist inside, it isn't always bad too. Like how some people jokingly say that white people can't dance or black people eat chicken. It's racist but not really bad... Ps.Dont hate me

  36. Bmo O

    Bmo O6 soat oldin

    The last girl is big ebk

  37. lou mac

    lou mac6 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="14">0:14</a> THAT GAP THO she floss with a rope

  38. Offical Subway

    Offical Subway6 soat oldin

    “Black people can’t be racist” Stupidest shit i ever heard

  39. Godluvnherbalist83

    Godluvnherbalist836 soat oldin

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love how every comment is literally about the black person “ I can’t be racists comment” that shit is funny as hell. It’s levels to this shit. It’s always some, “ that’s white folks shit” or “ that’s black as folks type shit”......and so on and so forth Chinese whoever....everybody talks shit, but do you think that person is less than bc they are black or white or Chinese etc.......a lot of people won’t admit that shit. Seems to me a lot of white folks a don’t like to talk about race. It makes them uncomfortable. I feel like we should have more discussions about it so we can learn and grow.

  40. Offical Subway

    Offical Subway6 soat oldin

    Its not racist when you hate each race equally

  41. Angie Marie

    Angie Marie7 soat oldin

    how is it ok for a black person to hate interracial relationships? so you can say black people should only date people of color, but if a white person says they should only date white people.. that's whats classified as racism? so many double standards and walls that need to be torn down.

  42. Harpdashian

    Harpdashian7 soat oldin

    “Please know it’s because you’re a man not because you’re black” oh alright so you’re only sexist then

  43. Harpdashian

    Harpdashian7 soat oldin

    Also “racism is an institutionalised thing”. I wish people would stop making up their own definitions of words and pretending they’re smart for using big words they don’t understand.

  44. Marisa Lamparella

    Marisa Lamparella7 soat oldin

    Wtf half of what these people said got me confused

  45. lundkvistaren

    lundkvistaren7 soat oldin

    This question has been made more nuanced and complicated these past few years due to the actual definition of racism and the societal perception of what racism is have diverged from each other. Of course everyone has an in group bias, meaning that they prefer to be around people that are like themselves be it race, political/philosophical convictions, religion et cetera. Basically it comes down to culture, and personally I see it as only natural that you would be more inclined to be with the people that share your culture wherever that culture might come from. This is where my grievance with the current day philosophy of “if you’re not with us you’re against us” comes in, as just reducing the very nuanced ways in which people interact with each other and society to a black and white picture where if you aren’t actively supporting certain movements you must be actively combatting them. I just try to be a good person, and I wanna be with people I can connect with. If some people see me as racist because of that then so be it, I really don’t care. Just be true to yourselves and you’ll probably fall into a good place in life

  46. Khalil Cunningham

    Khalil Cunningham7 soat oldin

    @cut Humans in general aren’t good people but we make up for that by doing good deeds and trying our best to be as good as possible

  47. da memes in da mornin

    da memes in da mornin7 soat oldin

    I'm austian and peoplw keep asking me if I was friends with hitler...

  48. Athena Grace

    Athena Grace7 soat oldin

    More anti white propaganda

  49. Athena Grace

    Athena Grace7 soat oldin

    Newsflash. Every race is Racist. Who cares...

  50. Soleil Wiccan

    Soleil Wiccan7 soat oldin

    Making Jokes About a Races Intelligence , Culture , Beauty can be offensive and PREJUDICE . However true Racism is Instituional and Systemic. Thats why when non black people complain about Racism its a joke . When black people complain about Racism its someone dying. You still wont see the stakes because yall racist or prejudice

  51. sonja m

    sonja m7 soat oldin

    Do this but Are you homofobic

  52. ajholcombe

    ajholcombe7 soat oldin

    "As a white person I'm super racist" How can a man be so pathetic it's unbelievable

  53. Ladislaus

    Ladislaus7 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="34">0:34</a> How can you think that sexism is not as bad as racism

  54. Misha Saunders

    Misha Saunders8 soat oldin

    just because you are white it doesn’t mean you are automatically racist look up the definition. And just because you are black doesn’t mean u can’t be racist🤦🏻‍♂️

  55. Brookes Gafeney

    Brookes Gafeney8 soat oldin

    I definitely understand what we (black people) mean when we say "black people cant be racist" because we tend to be referring to the institutional aspect of it but i think racist is the wrong word. We cant OPPRESS white people. Oppression implies that it's widespread/institutional. We dont have majority influence of enough major institutions to be able to do that. But RACIST means you believe your race to be superior to another. And we can totally do that cuz it only takes one person.

  56. Jaan Peeters

    Jaan Peeters8 soat oldin

    Can somebody tell me if it is comen for Americans to say that "All white ppl are racist." Becease I'm from Europe and it's not normal here.

  57. Liesha 123

    Liesha 1238 soat oldin

    This video makes me mad!

  58. Alex Emmerich

    Alex Emmerich8 soat oldin

    Only when I’m driving is amazing

  59. onim26

    onim269 soat oldin

    white people saying "yes im racist because all white people are racist" are just trying to be super woke

  60. Diego Trujillo

    Diego Trujillo9 soat oldin

    most of these people are so annoying... “iM nOt CrOsSiNg ThE sTrEeT cAuSe YoUrE bLaCk ItS bEcAuSe YoUrE a MaN” dude not every man is out to get you. It’s actually a very small percentage that is. If we didn’t live in a society now where men are sought out as sexist for opening a door for a women, or where men are called sexist for saying they’re meant to protect women, we probably would have much less male attacks on women. Just saying. And black people can definitely be racist. They even admitted to being prejudice, which is indeed racist. And i have many examples of black people being racist, just hmu and i’ll give you 1 example of prejudice, discrimination, and antagonism that a black person has gave to a white person. And we don’t live in a white supremacist world. I’m a Latino, and i have just as much rights as my white neighbor. Hell i excelled faster then my white peers in school. And i know a bunch of managers and business owners who are people of color. They even have a real estate business for ONLY black people. idk man this video just exposes everyone’s bias and/or disliking of other races (more specifically white people)

  61. silly salmon 12

    silly salmon 129 soat oldin

    as a black person i feel like you CAN be racist to other races like; Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, Latinax and others. Just not racist to white people. White people haven’t been oppressed by ANYONE there’s is no weight behind the words ‘cracker’ or ‘wood pecker’ like there are against people of color! but that’s my case and i stick to it :)

  62. Jimmi Johnson

    Jimmi Johnson10 soat oldin

    90% or these people are for sure racist

  63. Jahiz

    Jahiz10 soat oldin

    yea im racist r- a- c- i- s- t-

  64. Team Aloof

    Team Aloof10 soat oldin

    Well this was cringey. WHITE PEOPLE ARE BAD BLAH BLAH

  65. Lilah Zidacks

    Lilah Zidacks10 soat oldin

    why is nobody talking about “konnichiwa I want to eat sushi from your pussy”😭😭😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="235">3:55</a>

  66. Chulo Productions

    Chulo Productions11 soat oldin

    Producer: Are you racist? Lady: Only when I’m driving

  67. Pumero033

    Pumero03311 soat oldin

    The terms "black" and "white" are racist and aren't indicative of factuality. All they do is demonize and degrade one group while idolizing and idealizing another. Words have meaning!

  68. Banana Blast Funzone

    Banana Blast Funzone11 soat oldin

    I think some of these people don’t understand the definition of racism

  69. Sophie Petts

    Sophie Petts11 soat oldin

    “Black people can’t be racist” Umm ok bitch

  70. Siti Iswh

    Siti Iswh11 soat oldin

    Yo, i think the guy in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="185">3:05</a> wears batik

  71. Erin Casey

    Erin Casey11 soat oldin

    White people can’t cook.... that’s a new one to me! And not true

  72. landon green05

    landon green0511 soat oldin

    Yo makeup was fucked up🤣

  73. Brookie Brook

    Brookie Brook12 soat oldin

    "Konichiwa I want to eat sushi from your 🐱." This is both disgusting and dissapointing

  74. Amaya Janae

    Amaya Janae12 soat oldin

    Everyone can have bias, stereotype and have prejudice so I feel anyone can be racist and also colorist especially black people with the colorism

  75. Scott Not

    Scott Not12 soat oldin

    Saying only black people can only say the n word is racist

  76. Mr. M

    Mr. M12 soat oldin

    I'm racist... But only towards the human race.

  77. Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken12 soat oldin

    last person is the best dc 💀

  78. 황은총총총

    황은총총총13 soat oldin

    No fucking body can be racist

  79. Gucci girl

    Gucci girl13 soat oldin

    I have no hope for this world anymore.

  80. Goldy-_-

    Goldy-_-13 soat oldin

    I'm Somali and I was born in Norway and I know for fact that *all white people are not racists*

  81. rubbish

    rubbish14 soat oldin

    saying you cant be racist because you’re black and all white people are racist is probably the most racist thing i’ve ever heard but OKAYY

  82. OvxrDose

    OvxrDose14 soat oldin

    Im not racist but if someone be racist to me then im hella racist to them

  83. Derxert

    Derxert11 soat oldin

    Revenge racism

  84. Tuva Vetrhus

    Tuva Vetrhus14 soat oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="42">0:42</a> " How do I make this racist thing not sound racist?"

  85. Goldy-_-

    Goldy-_-14 soat oldin

    everyone can be racist

  86. Louis Chognard

    Louis Chognard14 soat oldin

    Interviewer : "Are you racist?" Black person : "We don't do that here"

  87. Pengo127 _AJ

    Pengo127 _AJ14 soat oldin

    There’s a difference between racial prejudice and racism