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  1. Elsy Guevara

    Elsy Guevara3 oy oldin

    A revuelta pupusa 💀😂😂

  2. Jaidyn Moran

    Jaidyn MoranOy oldin

    I love you elsy I wish you the best for your family Love, Jaidyn

  3. Jacqueline Escobar

    Jacqueline Escobar2 oy oldin

    hi elsy I have a question did you have a boyfriend on your 23 birthday and if you did have one did he get mad of the policeman?

  4. arlene yesenia

    arlene yesenia2 oy oldin


  5. Sultana Algohaim

    Sultana Algohaim2 oy oldin

    Elsy it’s girl 💖💞

  6. Deya Vasquez

    Deya Vasquez2 oy oldin

    That's exactly what I was going to say!! Those are the best anyway!

  7. Yuli Plasencia

    Yuli Plasencia22 soat oldin

    Girl I’m pregnant and right now I can’t stand meat at all . It grosses me out so much lol 😩🤢

  8. Bigsexyred1985

    Bigsexyred19856 kun oldin

    Awesome soo happy for u

  9. Angelica Diaz

    Angelica Diaz11 kun oldin

    Elsy: June 24th Catherine: June 25th Me: June 26th 😍💕💕

  10. Mei Mei

    Mei Mei19 kun oldin

    Your So pretty

  11. sandy6500

    sandy6500Oy oldin

    Your man looks like his 16

  12. Helivicc Vlogs

    Helivicc VlogsOy oldin

    chicken wings was also the first thing i threw up when i was pregnant with my son. now i’m just like eww!!

  13. Jaidyn Moran

    Jaidyn MoranOy oldin


  14. Jaidyn Moran

    Jaidyn MoranOy oldin

    Can I have ur number?

  15. Jaidyn Moran

    Jaidyn MoranOy oldin

    Elsy I love you so FREAKING MUCH

  16. Jaidyn Moran

    Jaidyn MoranOy oldin


  17. Jaidyn Moran

    Jaidyn MoranOy oldin

    Guys I'm the gender reveal

  18. Jaidyn Moran

    Jaidyn MoranOy oldin

    Iam so freaking happy for u elsy I hope you the best for your baby Love you💞 -Jaidyn

  19. Kylee Kotrba

    Kylee KotrbaOy oldin

    You should name the baby Elena, that’d be so cute 💓

  20. Zae Angel

    Zae AngelOy oldin

    You’re so beautiful!!! I cant wait for you to film videos with yo kidss🤣😍😍🥂🥂 $zaebaby34

  21. Carson Gates-Cecilio

    Carson Gates-CecilioOy oldin

    Why didn't you film E's reaction

  22. Keilani Perez

    Keilani PerezOy oldin

    BABY ? Elianni💕😻

  23. Elena Silva

    Elena SilvaOy oldin

    Omg! Congratulations! 💚 Im due June 25th! 💙

  24. Liz montoya

    Liz montoyaOy oldin

    Your so lucky your really not having morning sickness, I had morning sickness for 8 months with each of my pregnancies.

  25. _liz _

    _liz _Oy oldin

    Why does she call him baby daddy instead of her boyfriend? I understand they have a baby but he’s more than just a baby daddy. Her your boyfriend.

  26. Esmeralda Martinez

    Esmeralda MartinezOy oldin


  27. Genesis Ramirez

    Genesis RamirezOy oldin


  28. Salma Campero

    Salma Campero2 oy oldin

    Isn't she a meme? Lol

  29. Apridela Garcia

    Apridela Garcia2 oy oldin

    Tell me why my baby daddy and I put our daughters initials A.G just like our own

  30. Peaches Peaches

    Peaches Peaches2 oy oldin

    I saw you guys at Albertsons this past Sunday and I saw nothing but love for one another and am glad how strong you are to talk and answer all the assumptions people have .. be you and be happy just like before now and the years to come congratulations 🎊 and you guys looks so cute together I didn’t approach you guys to give you privacy

  31. Angelica Chavez

    Angelica Chavez2 oy oldin

    My mom had the same things at u she stacked up on like 10 boxes of magos and strwaberrys

  32. Angelica Chavez

    Angelica Chavez2 oy oldin

    It's a girl

  33. Odalys Reyes

    Odalys Reyes2 oy oldin

    Omg girl my due date is June 26, and my birthday is June 24

  34. Cjn Siblings

    Cjn Siblings2 oy oldin

    The name should be Echo or Estella..🥰

  35. Tyra Canuto

    Tyra Canuto2 oy oldin

    I hope you have a girl and if you do you should name her Emily aww I’m so excited to find out I’m team girl!! ❤️

  36. VampCaff

    VampCaff2 oy oldin

    No one cares

  37. Juvenal Pineda

    Juvenal Pineda2 oy oldin

    Why does she sounds like her nose is clogged??? Hope she’s okay.

  38. Yahya No Talking ASMR

    Yahya No Talking ASMR2 oy oldin

    Random Fact: All the electricity powering the internet weighs the same as an apricot.

  39. Ramiro Ramirez

    Ramiro Ramirez2 oy oldin

    You are beautiful Pregnant that stomach curte

  40. Jayden Allen

    Jayden Allen2 oy oldin

    Who got you pregnant

  41. Itzzzz_Vianet

    Itzzzz_Vianet2 oy oldin

    You’re due date is on my birthday day

  42. frank james

    frank james2 oy oldin

    big ass jugs

  43. Mh Al

    Mh Al2 oy oldin


  44. Bustedsan

    Bustedsan2 oy oldin

    You are gorgeous

  45. Trending News Channel

    Trending News Channel2 oy oldin

    Woohoo! Congrats & Bienvenidos!

  46. J E

    J E2 oy oldin

    So happy for you ❤️

  47. Nayely Torres Martinez

    Nayely Torres Martinez2 oy oldin

    When she said the topic about hating wings while pregnant is sooo trueee!! I have a 5 month bebe & noopeeeeeee i can no longer eat wings.

  48. Kristin Gamez

    Kristin Gamez2 oy oldin

    3 more months 🙂

  49. gymnassfan

    gymnassfan2 oy oldin

    Love to see more pregnancy content. 😍

  50. Pink Baby

    Pink Baby2 oy oldin

    honestly , love how calm and amazing you are with all of this 💗 I’m happy for you . Just keep living the life you are living elsy

  51. Sophia S

    Sophia S2 oy oldin

    Okay I know I’m super late and not up to date with anything but so if I’m clear, Tre and Alondra aren’t dating anymore? I could’ve sworn they were engaged just a while ago?

  52. Magaly Ruiz

    Magaly Ruiz2 oy oldin

    I really hope your baby listens to Karol G and Ozuna.

  53. Crystal Villa

    Crystal Villa2 oy oldin

    June 24th that’s my bday awww yay cancer baby 😌🥰

  54. Jahlenee V

    Jahlenee V2 oy oldin

    June 24th is my birthday 🙈

  55. Claudia Quijano

    Claudia Quijano2 oy oldin

    Eliza girl name? Its hard to come up with Es lol

  56. Claudia Quijano

    Claudia Quijano2 oy oldin

    Omg elsy i love how nice n genuine u are!! How u dont deal with negativity cause theres no room to even hate in ur heart ✊🏽✊🏽

  57. Claudia Quijano

    Claudia Quijano2 oy oldin

    Lmaoo im so happy for u elsy 🤍🤍🤍

  58. Claudia Quijano

    Claudia Quijano2 oy oldin

    The baby is gonna be vegan 😍😍😍😍😍

  59. Rylie Samantha

    Rylie Samantha2 oy oldin

    (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="345">5:45</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a>) just love the idea of the family expanding.. love u lots, wish y'all all the blessings in this world.♡✨

  60. rocio sandoval

    rocio sandoval2 oy oldin

    I feel you I used to love caldo de pollo & chicken in general but now that I am prego I cant stand caldo de pollo or chicken at all. & also I can’t stand to see caffeine 😭 I’m 4 months & still get gag reflex at times 😔

  61. ericka lopez

    ericka lopez2 oy oldin

    Oh my gosh June 24 is my birthday! 🥺

  62. Sierra Reyes

    Sierra Reyes2 oy oldin

    you’re such a beauty 😍😭 $sierraareyess

  63. Julianna Almanza

    Julianna Almanza2 oy oldin

    Omg !!! June 24 !!! That’s my birthday!!!! Yahhhhhhhh

  64. sandra mondragon

    sandra mondragon2 oy oldin

    Omg I hate wing stop now too when I was pregnant I wanted it and then I had it and the smell grossed me out so bad that now I don’t want it at all

  65. Cecy Doll

    Cecy Doll2 oy oldin

    He’s a cutie your a beauty your daughter is going to be beautiful 💓🥰 congratulations 🎉

  66. SJ 96

    SJ 962 oy oldin

    Catherine's due date is also June 24 I guess😍

  67. Fernando Moya

    Fernando Moya2 oy oldin

    Tu bebe le va gustar de todo u can tell and that’s good❤️

  68. Jazmine Quintana

    Jazmine Quintana2 oy oldin

    I also can’t have wings 😭😭😭 tried you eat one and I literally just threw it out lmaooo

  69. DC Loves

    DC Loves2 oy oldin

    Lucky you! My symptoms are soooo bad 😭😭

  70. Jaylani Fabian

    Jaylani Fabian2 oy oldin

    By birthday is on June 21 so the baby is a Gemini cancer

  71. Victoria E Marie

    Victoria E Marie2 oy oldin

    You look so good !! I hope everything turns out well for the both of you❤️❤️

  72. ale Villegas

    ale Villegas2 oy oldin

    So thankful we will be a part of your pregnancy ❤️😢 congrats on your bby 💖

  73. Brenda Nunez

    Brenda Nunez2 oy oldin

    Glowing 😍💓

  74. Gloria Olivo

    Gloria Olivo2 oy oldin

    “I need to poop “ 😂

  75. almalupe12

    almalupe122 oy oldin

    Cash app itsssalmaaa12 ❤️

  76. Afreen Akther

    Afreen Akther2 oy oldin


  77. Odalis Lopez

    Odalis Lopez2 oy oldin

    My due date is june 25 🥰🥳🥳😁😁😁😁😁

  78. Junior Chavez

    Junior Chavez2 oy oldin

    Home girl elsy got her third eye open heavy tho 😘

  79. Junior Chavez

    Junior Chavez2 oy oldin

    Love your baby lil mah you blessed to have an 👼 ps your beautiful by the way 💯🙏

  80. Mady Lyn

    Mady Lyn2 oy oldin

    Congrats!!!! 💕

  81. CANDY143

    CANDY1432 oy oldin

    Girl where's ur frozen mic? LOL ur voice is so soft and low LOL!! Congrats by the way

  82. Idaly M

    Idaly M2 oy oldin

    Your the bessttttt ❤️❤️❤️

  83. Lisa Bryden

    Lisa Bryden2 oy oldin

    My Cash app $lisamaka0105

  84. Javi

    Javi2 oy oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1177">19:37</a> 😂😂

  85. Elainna Ceresa

    Elainna Ceresa2 oy oldin

    I’ve never heard of a mom telling her daughter not to take birth control

  86. Sasha

    Sasha2 oy oldin

    Elainna Ceresa My mom doesn’t believe in it

  87. Lore Corona

    Lore Corona2 oy oldin

    I feel that alot of latina moms believe that is not good to take birth control when your young because later in life you might struggle to get pregnant