The long-awaited third installment of RDCWorld's ANIME HOUSE is here!
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  1. Jose Perez

    Jose Perez5 daqiqa oldin

    Y’all ever gonna put eren from attack on titan?

  2. ButterBoomer

    ButterBoomer15 daqiqa oldin

    Rdcworld please let kirito in the anime house

  3. Pizamo Gaming

    Pizamo Gaming24 daqiqa oldin

    When yugi transformed and lost his shit I died bruh 💀

  4. Harun Ahmed

    Harun Ahmed38 daqiqa oldin

    What’s that song called At the end

  5. Jesbin Jain

    Jesbin Jain44 daqiqa oldin

    so much work to make such a amazing video. thank you man.

  6. Devesh Manral

    Devesh Manral3 soat oldin

    Well has anyone noticed that Naruto is with adult Sasuke in the anime house.

  7. אני יובל

    אני יובל3 soat oldin

    meliodas should have say: "i own all your bitches"


    ALLDAY ANIME3 soat oldin

    The opening song

  9. Wave Papi

    Wave Papi3 soat oldin

    These niggas put a cardboard box on Leland back😂😭😭😭

  10. Wave Papi

    Wave Papi3 soat oldin

    Tokyo Ghoul season 3 was the trashiest shit I ever seen they completely destroyed that anime after the first 2 seasons

  11. Adam The Typical Gamer

    Adam The Typical Gamer4 soat oldin

    No assassination classroom characters thou

  12. Meloetta15

    Meloetta156 soat oldin

    I love how they got Orochimaru right. He backstabs anyone if he can get something out of it. 😂

  13. Ryan White

    Ryan White7 soat oldin

    These guys are fantastic 🔥🔥🔥

  14. DD Allin

    DD Allin8 soat oldin

    Bruh it’s funny me and my lil cousin used to role play as anime characters when we was younger just like this around the house and these niggas took that and made it a actual fire ass series 😭

  15. giovanni delatorre

    giovanni delatorre9 soat oldin

    Of course spike is the only one that knows

  16. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment10 soat oldin

    Where is jojo 😂😂😂

  17. legion Angel

    legion Angel11 soat oldin

    So when is JoJo's coming to animre house?

  18. buddielei84

    buddielei8412 soat oldin

    I got obelisk the tormentor and I got dark magician. 😂😂😂

  19. donald ksi

    donald ksi12 soat oldin

    8:27 imagine anime characters taking like that

  20. Qnzdipset1

    Qnzdipset112 soat oldin

    waiting for all the jojos

  21. Cavato

    Cavato14 soat oldin

    Ok Kirito got cut cuz the story is about Alice and no one cares about him lol

  22. Ali Khan

    Ali Khan15 soat oldin

    They should make this a netflix series

  23. Joshua Johnson

    Joshua Johnson15 soat oldin

    These mans work wayyy too hard

  24. Darkfirelord18

    Darkfirelord1816 soat oldin

    They did do Tokyo ghoul dirty

  25. Phoenix 101777

    Phoenix 10177716 soat oldin

    I love the light scenes the best

  26. Borgie Shmorgie

    Borgie Shmorgie16 soat oldin

    I would say add Seiya, but then Goku, Yusuke, and Vegeta wouldn't be the strongest in the house anymore 😂😂

  27. Khiomal

    Khiomal16 soat oldin

    Only question Where’s jojo

  28. Phoenix 101777

    Phoenix 10177716 soat oldin

    I love when yami rages out of yugi

  29. aden alu

    aden alu17 soat oldin

    Where is fluffy 🤔

  30. Ricardo Cruz

    Ricardo Cruz17 soat oldin

    26:48 what's that song

  31. Jorge Correa

    Jorge Correa18 soat oldin

    Dude these are amazing keep these up please 💖

  32. Corde Williams

    Corde Williams18 soat oldin

    So we're not getting a part 3 of ep3 of Avatar? Just asking for a friend.

  33. TheMuffinGod 007

    TheMuffinGod 00718 soat oldin

    I'm gonna wait for Anime house 5

  34. Najma Guled

    Najma Guled19 soat oldin

    5:21 Me when I recommended Code Geass to one of my friends Me:Asta My friend:Yusuke

  35. Ralph Donn

    Ralph Donn19 soat oldin

    Can u add jojo in the anime house

  36. Lear Lawliet

    Lear Lawliet20 soat oldin

    How many niggas on the court tried to hop in 💀💀

  37. UpbeatSports TV

    UpbeatSports TV20 soat oldin

    Is this foreshadowing a cartoon house series

  38. Bogita

    Bogita20 soat oldin

    All I’m saying is if Naruto saved guy from the 8th gate he should be able to save L from a heart attack.

  39. oof tron

    oof tron21 soat oldin

    Doesn't Goku have reviving powers? In the tournament of power :/

  40. Sasha M

    Sasha M21 soat oldin