Alternate Universe Snacks Taste Test

Welcome back!! We're excited to start off SEASON 17 by trying some snacks from an alternate universe. Hershey's Kisses or French Kisses? How about Kool-Aid and Raid's collab, Kool-Raid? Check it out in today's episode, Alternate Universe Snacks Taste Test! GMM #1665
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  1. Keith Mossey

    Keith Mossey11 soat oldin

    I should remember to not watch the alternate dimension episodes during lunch. And wait for some other activity during the day in which I watch UZgo during lol.

  2. Kenpachi- Sama

    Kenpachi- Sama14 soat oldin

    no rick and morty reference with number 2?

  3. Lucas Bibb

    Lucas Bibb22 soat oldin

    i volunteer for the nut corn

  4. BloodtoBody

    BloodtoBody23 soat oldin

    I've got the heebie jeebies now thinking about ringworm. Two of my cats had it and we had to sulfur-dip them to get rid of it...they gave it to us. I didn't care for Haribo to begin with and this just seals the deal.

  5. Ootek Imora

    Ootek ImoraKun oldin

    try sticking it on with marshmellows instead of glue/

  6. Kirstin Duffley

    Kirstin DuffleyKun oldin

    Link holding the nut corn "this is a-MAZE-ing"

  7. Pyles Tin

    Pyles TinKun oldin

    Soaks face " is there raid in this " " I hope not "

  8. Cat Nugget

    Cat NuggetKun oldin

    Hi guys, now that the mythical kitchen has its own channel, could you please put the old mythical crews video back on the mythical channel?

  9. Cheyenne Stevenson

    Cheyenne StevensonKun oldin

    *”Dinnis, for example, was a minice”*

  10. Sara Mayfield

    Sara MayfieldKun oldin

    Oh my god when he stood up 🙏

  11. Angelo

    AngeloKun oldin

    the chocolate tongue reminds me of einstein

  12. Breezy Mink

    Breezy MinkKun oldin

    Is Rhett trying to look more and more like Burt Reynolds? Or is it just natural?

  13. hellloseattle

    hellloseattleKun oldin

    This is the one from Rick & Morty where everything’s on the cob 😵 (& I can’t remember if it was a planet or universe they visited 💀)

  14. james martins

    james martinsKun oldin

    Nut corns? Ugh

  15. Rebecca Burk

    Rebecca BurkKun oldin

    I had a ring worm on my arm and my nana had to use bleach to get rid of it.

  16. Austin Ells

    Austin EllsKun oldin

    Please have Ray William Johnson on the show!!! Anyone else agree?!

  17. Mr.AJWorks

    Mr.AJWorksKun oldin


  18. Lil Waynk

    Lil WaynkKun oldin

    I love my girlfriend

  19. Hugo Porras

    Hugo PorrasKun oldin

    Link: this is the universe were fweddie murcury is from Me: :) (I love you Freddie)

  20. j3nnil337

    j3nnil337Kun oldin

    Rhett in short shorts 🥰🥰🥰👏👏👏👏👏

  21. Zoe M Stewart

    Zoe M Stewart2 kun oldin

    not a soul: toko fukawa: 1:52

  22. Rainbow Rocks

    Rainbow Rocks2 kun oldin

    Me: is unwrapping Hershey's kiss Rhett: "The first thing we are going to be doing today is hershey's kisses"

  23. Clashinite

    Clashinite2 kun oldin

    in 1000 years this title will be literal

  24. Deborah Hall

    Deborah Hall2 kun oldin

    Rhett: just the tip Rhett’s hs gf: I’ve heard that one before

  25. Hunter Lasiak

    Hunter Lasiak2 kun oldin

    There’s such thing as edible glue why do you use glue

  26. Mitchel

    Mitchel2 kun oldin

    ring worm is actually a fungal infection, not a worm.

  27. Yeosang’s Chicken

    Yeosang’s Chicken2 kun oldin

    With each season, Rhett and Link become more and more “dad”

  28. ChrisKarr

    ChrisKarr2 kun oldin


  29. karla acosta

    karla acosta2 kun oldin

    When he calls himself “daddy” in the 3rd person... 💀😵

  30. cody hedges

    cody hedges2 kun oldin

    Funny enough, NOT the snack dimension...

  31. Bear Bolton

    Bear Bolton2 kun oldin

    Rhett got them gazelle legs!

  32. chase harward

    chase harward2 kun oldin

    Bring back ltat

  33. Alex A.

    Alex A.2 kun oldin

    I still cant believe Rhett kissed Chase...

  34. lil Woody Elif

    lil Woody Elif2 kun oldin

    Shave just shave please I can't


    2 INCH PUNISHER2 kun oldin

    They better keep doing these until they are old cause if they don’t someone is going to get smacked

  36. BenDoesRandom

    BenDoesRandom2 kun oldin

    Should of used frosting for glue.

  37. mini legend

    mini legend2 kun oldin

    Hither to unheard of hmmm I’ve heard that somewhere before ;) wink wink

  38. Jordan Reese

    Jordan Reese2 kun oldin

    The end of LTAT was supposed to be a month ago

  39. Wikham the boi

    Wikham the boi2 kun oldin

    happy new mythical new year

  40. Allan Jones

    Allan Jones2 kun oldin

    Links chocolate tongue shenanigan reminded me of that one South Park episode...

  41. MoonshineBonanza

    MoonshineBonanza2 kun oldin

    Rhett’s new lewk is coming along nicely

  42. Jefferson Rodriguez

    Jefferson Rodriguez2 kun oldin

    So the intro is permanent

  43. Whitney Schauffler

    Whitney Schauffler2 kun oldin

    Does anyone else want to know what they smell like? Not in a weird way. Lmao.

  44. Es E

    Es E15 soat oldin

    That is weird.

  45. Sofie Macleod

    Sofie Macleod2 kun oldin

    Can we just talk about how toned rhetts legs are!

  46. Tino Rivas

    Tino Rivas2 kun oldin

    Who else feels like Rhett is about to call it quits on the show?

  47. Helena Rosno

    Helena Rosno3 kun oldin

    You guys should have Gordon Ramsay come on this show

  48. Joseph Teele

    Joseph Teele3 kun oldin

    I really thought Nut Corns were going to be corn battered and deep fried peanuts.

  49. Low Cheung Kiat

    Low Cheung Kiat3 kun oldin

    Chocolate Tongue Einstein meme

  50. Tevita Taufa

    Tevita Taufa3 kun oldin

    Next season they can touch real tongue tips

  51. Christmas Eve LeVering

    Christmas Eve LeVering3 kun oldin

    This is soo awesome!! Thank you Rhett and Link for all the good times!

  52. klgonz

    klgonz3 kun oldin

    I got so much GMM merch... but idk whether or not I should take a picture and send it to them.

  53. klgonz

    klgonz3 kun oldin

    I love GMM.


    KASEN LEE3 kun oldin

    I worked at dairy queen

  55. mickanator

    mickanator3 kun oldin

    Rhett be looking like Beethoven

  56. Mari Babette

    Mari Babette3 kun oldin

    Could have used Peanut Butter to glue them on

  57. Anevay Muchko

    Anevay Muchko3 kun oldin

    Ok I'm not saying ur hair wasn't good in the past BUT y'all are really slaying now 🦁 🐺 the glow up is blinding

  58. judy Mennis

    judy Mennis3 kun oldin

    GOOOOD mythical morning

  59. Ray Smith

    Ray Smith3 kun oldin

    Had to have my friend type this because I lost my sight as soon as Rhett stood up

  60. Hailey

    Hailey3 kun oldin

    Best way to start 2020

  61. ravenwda007

    ravenwda0073 kun oldin

    A universe where Tamriel, dragons, and magic are real.