A BLINDFOLDED PLT ORDER!!! | lmao | Sophia and Cinzia

WOOOOOO THIS WAS SO FUN!! Hope you enjoyed angels we love you xoxo xox
INSTA: @cinziabayliszullo, @sophiatuxford + @thegirlsbathroom

Sophia’s outfit:
Pink top: shopstyle.it/l/27il
Pink cargo joggers: shopstyle.it/l/27ir
Brown bag: shopstyle.it/l/27j1
Sunglasses chain:shopstyle.it/l/27kc
Nude heels;shopstyle.it/l/27kx
Cinzia’s outfit:
Denim jacket;shopstyle.it/l/27jx
Sandals: shopstyle.it/l/27jz
Lilac sandals:shopstyle.it/l/27lp
Sunglasses: shopstyle.it/l/27mY
Neon pink bag:shopstyle.it/l/27m5


  1. Harriet Lighter

    Harriet LighterOy oldin

    This was bloody hilarious, please do a re-make!!!

  2. SM H

    SM HOy oldin

    Sophia where is the top your wearing from? The beige 😍😍 link it please!!!

  3. abbie simpson 2002

    abbie simpson 2002Oy oldin

    Do it againnnn

  4. Abi B

    Abi B2 oy oldin

    please do another one of these!!! xxxx

  5. Polaropposites

    Polaropposites2 oy oldin

    shes not wearing the glasses chain correctly 😭


    MELODY AND AMY2 oy oldin

    love love love

  7. Charlie Oulton

    Charlie Oulton3 oy oldin

    When I saw chinzia in her outfit I almost wet myself laughing 😂

  8. Amy Oldfield

    Amy Oldfield4 oy oldin


  9. eliza walker

    eliza walker4 oy oldin

    6:58 🐷 ?😅🤣

  10. eliza walker

    eliza walker4 oy oldin

    Why do they talk over eachother so muchhhhhhhh 😅

  11. Chels xo

    Chels xo5 oy oldin

    omggg the pink fanny pack purse thingy - REMINDS ME of when my kids were newborns and i put them in the baby carrier on my front exactly like this purse . OMG.. NOOOO im soo sorry but no !! smh. if a lady can rock it by all means do you but lord --- i adore the blue floral dress tho angel ^-^

  12. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 oy oldin

    Ur voices irritate me

  13. Abbie

    Abbie5 oy oldin

    Ye ye ye ye ye ye ye I'm gonna crack

  14. Angies avocado

    Angies avocado5 oy oldin

    they are constantly talking other each other so annoying the video is cool but to make the videos easier to watch they shouldn't talk other each other

  15. Leyllaaa Rew

    Leyllaaa Rew5 oy oldin

    Boobs support 😂😂 a do love yu soph

  16. Leyllaaa Rew

    Leyllaaa Rew5 oy oldin

    Died when cinzia was lookin for he bag hahahhaahahha

  17. Leyllaaa Rew

    Leyllaaa Rew5 oy oldin

    Use had me in stitches at Sophia’s sunglasses cinzia just sayin oh yeah ah oh yeahhh oh yh

  18. Ava Grace

    Ava Grace5 oy oldin

    What’s wrong with cinzias voice is she sick

  19. Lexie

    Lexie5 oy oldin

    “You have to be an adult and make this decision yourself” 9:53 😂😂😂 Cinzias sarcasm is the best thing about these videos

  20. lottie frost

    lottie frost5 oy oldin

    30 secs in and they’re fucking annoying

  21. Poka Dots

    Poka Dots5 oy oldin

    jesus christ, first impressions, the brown hair girl on the right is quite annoying and interuptive. like shut the fuck up and let the blonde girl speak for christ's sake!

  22. Itsjustelle

    Itsjustelle5 oy oldin

    What happened to the blonde girls shoes? Sorry don’t know her name x

  23. Vick

    Vick6 oy oldin

    Do they always speak over eachother like that?

  24. Megan Brown

    Megan Brown6 oy oldin

    Definitely do this again!!,!!

  25. Lucy Birchall

    Lucy Birchall6 oy oldin

    Crying at Cinzia realising she’s got the bag on 😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Kiki George

    Kiki George6 oy oldin


  27. Ren Amsden

    Ren Amsden6 oy oldin

    You should definitely do this again!!

  28. Katie Louise xx

    Katie Louise xx6 oy oldin

    Nobody: Literally nobody : Cinzia : Absolutely

  29. Ellie Grace

    Ellie Grace6 oy oldin

    I love how you always finish each others sentence but it's almost like you interrupting one another at the same time xoxo

  30. Lara Page

    Lara Page6 oy oldin

    Omg ur talling both in the same time

  31. Macy Fisher

    Macy Fisher6 oy oldin

    The start is literally me and my friends talking to someone

  32. Maheen Mahmood

    Maheen Mahmood6 oy oldin

    Their voices r so annoying 😂

  33. Ellie & Cam

    Ellie & Cam6 oy oldin

    Not mad at them

  34. A Tius

    A Tius6 oy oldin

    Can u pls try not to talk over each other? Thanks!

  35. Ellie & Cam

    Ellie & Cam6 oy oldin

    The first 3 mins they’re basically discussing what they’re going to do

  36. Holly Jones

    Holly Jones6 oy oldin

    Omg you two crack me up 😂

  37. Jade

    Jade6 oy oldin

    the girl with the brown hair needs to stop talking altogether, so annoying omfg

  38. Olivia Staszewski

    Olivia Staszewski6 oy oldin

    where are they from ...???

  39. My life as Brianna Smith

    My life as Brianna Smith6 oy oldin

    Sophia didn’t show her shoes

  40. Reanna Bakshani

    Reanna Bakshani6 oy oldin

    I looooveeee the pink cargo pants