7 Trades Coming To The NFL (Odell Beckham Jr, Cam Newton, Le'Veon Bell)

With the NFL season over halfway through, there's plenty of trades taking place surrounding many teams and deals include Odell Beckham Jr, Le'Veon Bell, Cam Newton, AJ Green, Antonio Brown & more.
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  1. danny melis

    danny melis2 soat oldin

    The packers have Adams they have at least one good receiver, it they had two that would be great

  2. yetty

    yettyKun oldin

    Maybe hes just trolling and we are the crazy ones!?

  3. yetty

    yettyKun oldin

    Lmao uzgo.info/video/xqCfz564iY91zaA.html

  4. Faded Saiyan

    Faded Saiyan2 kun oldin

    Cam need to get trade and hurry up his surgery

  5. Payton Williams

    Payton Williams3 kun oldin

    love you cam

  6. SanJuanCreole

    SanJuanCreole5 kun oldin

    Obj isn't going anywhere bro. Lmaooooo GO BROWNS

  7. BluntriX

    BluntriX7 kun oldin

    This cypher is fyre.

  8. jamil Jamilblee

    jamil Jamilblee7 kun oldin

    If bell is willing to restructure that contract if im kc i give the jets a 3

  9. Khristian St. Clair

    Khristian St. Clair8 kun oldin

    LB to Houston 😲👍👍

  10. Ryan Berry Ranch

    Ryan Berry Ranch10 kun oldin

    I threw up... his talking got me sick

  11. Mixed Sprite

    Mixed Sprite10 kun oldin

    OBJ probably isn’t going anywhere. The Patriots don’t have anyone that the Browns would need

  12. TaubHau Hlau

    TaubHau Hlau11 kun oldin

    Imagine this guy's commentating a NFL game or a FIFA game.

  13. Christopher Gonzalez

    Christopher Gonzalez12 kun oldin

    Imagine Beckham and Brady 🔥🔥

  14. Jamie Osgood

    Jamie Osgood12 kun oldin

    Someone please put sick beats to these barzzzz.

  15. Zizou 10

    Zizou 1012 kun oldin

    AB to seahawks, lets goo i hope so

  16. spongebob ben

    spongebob ben12 kun oldin

    I hope they all get traded

  17. C R

    C R13 kun oldin

    yearrrrrr wellllllllll deadlinnnnnne leveon belllllllll begannnnn

  18. globalpumpz yt

    globalpumpz yt13 kun oldin

    Us Steelers need cam

  19. Tim Wiesler

    Tim Wiesler12 kun oldin

    You won't get him

  20. jzamudification

    jzamudification13 kun oldin

    difently rapping lol

  21. bagged Q45

    bagged Q4513 kun oldin

    AJ Green drafted to the Ravens 🤔

  22. Shawon Razzaque

    Shawon Razzaque13 kun oldin


  23. davejoe75

    davejoe7513 kun oldin

    OBJ is overrated and has the most drops on the team!

  24. MustangPlayer43

    MustangPlayer4313 kun oldin


  25. Adarius Luckey

    Adarius Luckey14 kun oldin

    Chicargo bears 😂

  26. Robert Shook

    Robert Shook14 kun oldin

    I can’t listen to the video anymooooore. The way he ends his sentences is driving me crazy for suuure. You guys have a great dayyyy.

  27. Tied Pods

    Tied Pods14 kun oldin

    I traded j Bennett for Odell Beckham jr on the mobile NFL

  28. Alexander Sy

    Alexander Sy14 kun oldin

    As a Patriot fan and an OBJ fan, I say, “Please baby Jesus, let the Pats get OBJ”

  29. Robert Brady

    Robert Brady14 kun oldin

    And why you got everyone going to green bay

  30. Vince Laconi

    Vince Laconi14 kun oldin

    This man saying Allen is good 😂💀


    BDNGHOSTS14 kun oldin

    Bruh this guy back

  32. Tony Crow

    Tony Crow14 kun oldin

    Cam to the Bears are you crazy Broncos man

  33. Frank Martin

    Frank Martin14 kun oldin

    Oh my gaawwwwwwwd!

  34. Rick S

    Rick S14 kun oldin


  35. easton christensen

    easton christensen14 kun oldin

    I can’t finish this videoooahhh...

  36. TheLegginator5000

    TheLegginator500014 kun oldin

    I couldn’t watch this the way this guy talks makes me want to get violent


    TEEZ BEEZ14 kun oldin

    Do you realize the packers have davante Adams

  38. Aaron Cervantes

    Aaron Cervantes15 kun oldin

    I can't do these videos...I just can't.....ugh.

  39. Miguel Fernandes

    Miguel Fernandes15 kun oldin

    the disrespect to avante Adams

  40. doliio volay

    doliio volay15 kun oldin

    7:06 - “Odell Beckham Jr” rap by NFLHub

  41. Juan V

    Juan V15 kun oldin

    Obj should’ve went to the niners all along