5 Strange Candies You Didn't Know Existed

Hello! He's Chet Huskins and he's here to show you the Giant Gummy Shark!
It was fun having Eric stop by to do a new gummy video. Let us know if you think we should bring him back for more GBA!
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  1. the lamb sauce

    the lamb sauce4 soat oldin

    U made an earbud case but we need an airbud case incase for the charging case

  2. Константин Аникин

    Константин Аникин5 soat oldin

    Oh, hi. Or should I say... Привет?

  3. Filip Popovici

    Filip Popovici6 soat oldin

    Flamethrowers...in a park... With TREES

  4. Thị Phương Thảo Trịnh

    Thị Phương Thảo Trịnh7 soat oldin


  5. BH Choppy

    BH Choppy7 soat oldin

    I thought he outfit the job

  6. HIT MAN

    HIT MAN8 soat oldin

    16 feet

  7. Shre Helvins

    Shre Helvins9 soat oldin

    When’s the next hidden in plain site?

  8. cristina magallanes

    cristina magallanes10 soat oldin

    We already perfected the gummy skull and brain so it only makes sense to play God-eric 2020

  9. cristina magallanes

    cristina magallanes10 soat oldin

    Thank you for bringing Eric back.

  10. Emily Perla

    Emily Perla11 soat oldin

    its funny how I hate ads but I love these lol

  11. Paola Cetto

    Paola Cetto13 soat oldin

    Dear Vat19, your awesome and you always make me laugh. I have tried to watch all your videos but its way to much coolness for me to stand. I just wanted to say hi and that i subscribed and hit the notification bell. If you would please i would like to get the mysterious gift. Thank you so much. 😊

  12. Larry Luna

    Larry Luna14 soat oldin

    i can't tell if I'm supposed to be scared or something but like this is scary

  13. Evan Dinosaur

    Evan Dinosaur14 soat oldin

    As much as I love Vat19.com and all the people whom work on it, these skits are still majorly fucked up. I don't know about you guys, but imagining these gummy things as living creatures is kind of making me feel bad for eating them now...

  14. Nan Palacios

    Nan Palacios14 soat oldin


  15. Geek with goggles

    Geek with goggles14 soat oldin

    That moment when you think about how vat19 has made a cinematic GBA universe and yes it is truly amazing if it were a series I’d love to watch it

  16. snowpop096

    snowpop09615 soat oldin

    Remember when they used to make ads?

  17. RainbowCatCupcakeWorld

    RainbowCatCupcakeWorld15 soat oldin

    I JUST HAD THE BEST IDEA EVER!!! You guys should do the gummy pizza challenge where you pick numbers out of a bag and there are bags and each are filled with one gummy candy that you guys sell, and you have to make a gummy pizza using the gummy ingredients on the gummy crust!

  18. SCP-6039 class: euclid

    SCP-6039 class: euclid16 soat oldin

    this video was posted on my birthday

  19. Ja'Lani Coleman

    Ja'Lani Coleman17 soat oldin

    First of all I know these existed because gummy sharks I've had those since I was five kid so

  20. Red Knife ._.

    Red Knife ._.17 soat oldin

    13:13 why did they have to use a M16A1, maybe M19 and Tazer? (Well now that I think about it, it makes sense) (Yes ik it’s a prop.....maybe)


    CHAZ BRGR18 soat oldin

    No one gunna talk about how Eric is literally cave Johnson

  22. Aine Murray

    Aine Murray18 soat oldin

    Bring Eric back

  23. Gabe Powers

    Gabe Powers19 soat oldin


  24. Utility Modz

    Utility Modz20 soat oldin

    The GBA number is an old American Airlines number

  25. Gemma Yates

    Gemma Yates21 soat oldin

    No body Nobody Eric rips a heart out of a living man

  26. Angelica Santos

    Angelica Santos22 soat oldin

    why is this giving me bill nye vibes

  27. Angelica Santos

    Angelica Santos22 soat oldin

    This feels like im watching bill nye

  28. Brunas P

    Brunas PKun oldin


  29. Aerial Woods

    Aerial WoodsKun oldin

    This is the first vat19 vid I’ve watched in 7 years, I am not disappointed


    PITI GAPPOKun oldin

    Miloš kill it, kill it now!!

  31. Meiji K

    Meiji KKun oldin

    Can you please bring back “hidden in plain sight”? Please!!

  32. rcsitant lia

    rcsitant liaKun oldin

    Eric suddenly speaking some sort of russian?

  33. kyle lano

    kyle lanoKun oldin

    Make a life size gummy avocado

  34. Gabriel Mendez

    Gabriel MendezKun oldin


  35. TheGreatPanda YT

    TheGreatPanda YTKun oldin

    Gummy Bear america is brutal, oh my g**

  36. Filipino Gamers

    Filipino GamersKun oldin


  37. Aldrizh Timtiman

    Aldrizh TimtimanKun oldin

    Gummy lodon plsss

  38. Everett Baker

    Everett BakerKun oldin

    Oh vat19 good job once again I have a challenge to you all and I mean all ready a rubber band gun fight

  39. Lorenzdiether PLAYZ

    Lorenzdiether PLAYZKun oldin

    Make a gummy pickle rick

  40. subash gamer

    subash gamerKun oldin

    WTF is this video

  41. Chase Sienna

    Chase SiennaKun oldin

    In my opinion IT IS 2020 we need something bigger and better Are body’s are developing to be thicker and THICKER Lol😅😂😂

  42. Mar_Mar Richardson

    Mar_Mar RichardsonKun oldin

    I will never look at gummy’s the same ever again I don’t know how to feel rite now

  43. Meshal Meshary

    Meshal MesharyKun oldin

    Vat19 I wanna know can I order a breakfast gummy when I'm in Kuwait? Will it ship to Kuwait?🤔

  44. Unicorn joe 1122222333

    Unicorn joe 1122222333Kun oldin

    Me: that’s Eric! my mans back

  45. Adam nellis

    Adam nellisKun oldin

    I like how the lore is developing

  46. Geek with goggles

    Geek with goggles14 soat oldin

    I know right

  47. The cats

    The catsKun oldin

    1:40 when my dog sees a fly

  48. Ari Min

    Ari MinKun oldin


  49. Dark Blader

    Dark BladerKun oldin

    Bring Eric back for good

  50. a cute bumblebee

    a cute bumblebeeKun oldin

    Why is it so messed up!?

  51. Lay_Lay_ Shyrokov

    Lay_Lay_ ShyrokovKun oldin

    I speak russian

  52. HeLiX

    HeLiXKun oldin

    I saw a unlisted video by them about the new HIPS coming out

  53. Au 079

    Au 079Kun oldin

    I'm confused

  54. Anmoljit Sandhu

    Anmoljit SandhuKun oldin

    Can I get a tour of vat19

  55. goodie mc scramble

    goodie mc scrambleKun oldin


  56. 0VA0M

    0VA0MKun oldin

    I thought it said Candles instead of Candies.. 😭

  57. Baked

    BakedKun oldin

    gba gives me the vibes of portal

  58. Ahzur Stupac

    Ahzur StupacKun oldin

    1:44 how true russian hunt sharks

  59. Intelectual Baguette

    Intelectual BaguetteKun oldin

    Hey vat19 do you ship to europe?

  60. Dovid Kramer

    Dovid KramerKun oldin

    I went to check the time stamp and sure enough Eric's back

  61. Burnit

    BurnitKun oldin

    Can you put a giant gummy bear in a gallon of water to make a giant giant gummy bear. Please.