$315 In-N-Out Animal Style Burger and Fries | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen

Today, we're fancifying and recreating the classic In-N-Out animal style burger and fries. According to legend, that is what a hamburger is all about. Check it out on today's episode of FANCY FAST FOOD! FY #007
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  1. Andrew Greene

    Andrew Greene21 soat oldin

    Josh reminds me of NOT THE EXPERT

  2. Justin Santoo

    Justin SantooKun oldin

    This girl is pretty but freaking annoying

  3. XDZeven

    XDZevenKun oldin

    Fry light!? Disgusting!

  4. Bleep Bloop

    Bleep BloopKun oldin


  5. Tinfoyl lord

    Tinfoyl lord2 kun oldin

    Josh is just an underpaid personal chef

  6. Yazan Salih

    Yazan Salih2 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="51">0:51</a> how plankton stole the craby patty formula and studied it to make his own

  7. RealSharkyBoyo

    RealSharkyBoyo2 kun oldin

    Austin Evans does look like his mini me...

  8. Joshua Swan

    Joshua Swan3 kun oldin

    I hate Christine more than I hate the Ice age Baby

  9. Patrick Jacquet

    Patrick Jacquet5 kun oldin

    there is no such thing as moutarde royale in France

  10. RiZeDeadShXt

    RiZeDeadShXt5 kun oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="434">7:14</a> that is the biggest mood I have ever seen

  11. Richard

    Richard6 kun oldin

    Oh god, she is annoying.

  12. Horizon Rose C

    Horizon Rose C8 kun oldin

    the good boy of the cooking world is guy fieri you cowards

  13. pinchongu '

    pinchongu '8 kun oldin

    lol i can tell josh really enjoyed her company. maybe even caught feels? :o

  14. Crunchy Cereal

    Crunchy Cereal9 kun oldin

    I look like a mix of Josh and her Could be his kid Unlikey tho

  15. guy spamming noses

    guy spamming noses10 kun oldin

    When i saw the ostrich at the start i was like "Please dont kill da good boi"

  16. CelticShadow

    CelticShadow14 kun oldin

    yah know allicin, "its like a two part epoxy" if you know, you know.

  17. Unknown Studios

    Unknown Studios14 kun oldin

    I ship!

  18. Ahmad Hasan

    Ahmad Hasan16 kun oldin

    mike tython

  19. Ahmanet Bones

    Ahmanet Bones17 kun oldin

    I love how this man believed his guests father was in the Japanese mafia 😂

  20. Maxwell

    Maxwell17 kun oldin

    Is Christine still with GMM?

  21. Euph

    Euph18 kun oldin

    Mootard will be the go to insult of the 2020's

  22. BMan2Cool4U

    BMan2Cool4U20 kun oldin

    When you realize that 90% of price has to do with a bottle of alcohol.

  23. LECyr4

    LECyr421 kun oldin

    Josh plays the self-loathing bit too well that it makes me concerned for his well being

  24. Sain Aerelos

    Sain Aerelos24 kun oldin

    I'm a 28 year old male and I think I'm Josh's child. Please like this comment so you can reunite me with my Dad and cook with him.

  25. Jared Hayes

    Jared Hayes25 kun oldin

    I've always heard ostrich eggs tasted freaking awful

  26. Jon Hesse

    Jon Hesse25 kun oldin

    Am I the only one who sees a beautiful couple here 😍 Josh and Christine 😍

  27. Brando Halstead

    Brando Halstead26 kun oldin

    Her face of horror when he was drilling the egg

  28. meowzapaluza game

    meowzapaluza game26 kun oldin

    the ostrige guy: "this is Gomez and Morticia" me: "there creepy and there cookie"

  29. CharlieGoesAmblin'

    CharlieGoesAmblin'27 kun oldin

    I'm seriously starting to enjoy this more than the actual show.

  30. aztrishh

    aztrishh28 kun oldin

    I wanted to like her. I did. But by the end I just wished she wouldn't speak lol

  31. Jules Woodbury

    Jules Woodbury28 kun oldin

    did she just threw out the buns of her burger to cut down on carbs like some family cartoon dad? that's not how it works

  32. Anthany Payne

    Anthany PayneOy oldin

    she is so cute & tiny compared to how huge Josh is 😂

  33. Corduroy Xavier

    Corduroy XavierOy oldin

    No co host is needed here

  34. random gamer29

    random gamer29Oy oldin


  35. Holden Anoudara

    Holden AnoudaraOy oldin

    The pain in his face when she said I made a new “FRIEND”

  36. Kasran Fox

    Kasran FoxOy oldin

    "i have to eat this?" "no, you _get_ to eat this"

  37. stfuna4b

    stfuna4bOy oldin

    Who also thinks this burger was wasted on that girl? xD

  38. Matthew Girolami

    Matthew GirolamiOy oldin

    Absolutely iconic video

  39. isoloveoyu432

    isoloveoyu432Oy oldin

    Not a big fan of Christine lol

  40. Chin Chin

    Chin ChinOy oldin

    Oh my god. Their cucumber choice made me cringe a lil. Those are weird as heck pickled.

  41. Angelo

    AngeloOy oldin

    Where did you manage to buy a regular cucumber for $3?

  42. vincent torres

    vincent torresOy oldin

    The female host seems like she doesn’t even enjoy food. Like they just asked a random person to host the show.

  43. Jenny Minerva

    Jenny MinervaOy oldin

    I love this show. But I can’t listen to her lisp. It gives me chills when she talks 😣. I’m sorry. I’m trying.

  44. Chip Carpenter

    Chip CarpenterOy oldin

    How do I get a job with y’all!

  45. 1200teck

    1200teckOy oldin

    the girl is a detriment to the show

  46. G0dd333ss Pamela

    G0dd333ss PamelaOy oldin

    great episode minus the small whiny chica that literally bitched about everything :/

  47. Mark Bryant

    Mark BryantOy oldin

    He didn’t consent 😂 I died

  48. asmit317ify

    asmit317ifyOy oldin

    Hold the cork, though I suppose thats not as good for the camera

  49. Kasper Frederik Langemarkk

    Kasper Frederik LangemarkkOy oldin

    never invite her on again pls.

  50. Killian Brady

    Killian BradyOy oldin

    Everybody getting cancelled over this episode.

  51. Josh

    JoshOy oldin

    how can two people be so based

  52. Harlice Laver

    Harlice LaverOy oldin

    Now she is really hot

  53. Waide Braaf

    Waide BraafOy oldin

    She's well annoying

  54. Sammi Graham

    Sammi GrahamOy oldin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="952">15:52</a> well now I can’t tell if Josh is straight or not 😂

  55. COR MORTEMmus

    COR MORTEMmusOy oldin

    Josh has nice knives

  56. Kwality

    KwalityOy oldin

    Took me a couple of seconds to remember shes not sitting down in the kitchen

  57. Darrianne Spires

    Darrianne SpiresOy oldin

    She keeps hinting that she wants to call him Daddy and I don't like it 😅

  58. Darrianne Spires

    Darrianne SpiresOy oldin

    The MacSauce on the McDonald's Big Mac is the same sauce as you guys made



    She is freakin funny as hell so cute

  60. chyanne gordon

    chyanne gordonOy oldin

    I don't know about josh being my father but he sure is my daddy

  61. Darth Banaan

    Darth BanaanOy oldin

    Papa? Is that you?

  62. Eugene Ax

    Eugene AxOy oldin

    Josh: So if we have to go in there and steal an ostrich egg... Ostrich man: Oh, we're going in there.

  63. John Lauhoff

    John LauhoffOy oldin

    I’m a beautiful young African black male.

  64. andylikesyourkite

    andylikesyourkiteOy oldin

    Is Josh our Daddy now?

  65. AviaHH

    AviaHHOy oldin


  66. Omead Pooladzandi

    Omead PooladzandiOy oldin

    dude mustard fried is the move

  67. Nicholas McCartney

    Nicholas McCartney2 oy oldin

    it made me mad that she didn’t eat it lol

  68. DEtta Mason

    DEtta Mason2 oy oldin

    You are supposed to trim dry aged beef.

  69. Paterno Ikong

    Paterno Ikong2 oy oldin

    Dont get her as a host anymore dont like her sorry

  70. Mini Mini Laddd

    Mini Mini Laddd2 oy oldin

    I am your child

  71. Jackson Casper

    Jackson Casper2 oy oldin

    I love shoestring fries with my burger

  72. Drew Barker

    Drew Barker2 oy oldin

    Josh is my dad

  73. Edward Lee

    Edward Lee2 oy oldin

    I'm ok with Josh being my daddy... Ijs

  74. Red

    Red2 oy oldin

    "above my pay grade, dude."

  75. Nash Jones

    Nash Jones2 oy oldin

    Wow. Getting a date was way easier than I thought. Just tell a lady you have a deep fryer and then ask her out

  76. D. Mat.Zero6

    D. Mat.Zero62 oy oldin

    stupid Lamas

  77. Stephanie Kellum

    Stephanie Kellum2 oy oldin

    Trevor is Josh’s child

  78. Z C

    Z C2 oy oldin

    The burger was expensive because of the Dom.

  79. Z C

    Z C2 oy oldin

    Why do i keep watching these videos just to be repulsed by the culinary skill being exhibited and then to complain? Goddamn covid quarantine making me crazy.

  80. Kungpowbeats

    Kungpowbeats2 oy oldin

    Why is noone talking about how Christine both looks and sounds like Missy from Big Mouth.