2020 Moto RAZR Impressions! The Return of a Folding Icon!

The Motorola RAZR is back for 2020. The flip phone re-invented. With a bunch of catches.
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  1. Marques Brownlee

    Marques Brownlee21 kun oldin

    The lighting was so bad I didn't catch the secondary 5MP camera up in the notch. It's there! So you can in fact take even worse quality selfies if you so desire.

  2. Clay Enterprise

    Clay Enterprise10 soat oldin

    The ending of this video is so hilarious.....i watched the last 20 seconds over and over.....i could've died laughing.....he just knew for sure you were loving the video quality

  3. Nick K

    Nick K4 kun oldin

    That would be for video calls, dingus. Doing video calls only with the secondary screen would be atrocious. You've got this video up saying this thing only has one camera lol. I mean wow, how bad can you report on something...

  4. California Dreems

    California Dreems5 kun oldin

    lol i’m commenting before the comments are fullll

  5. Rip Curl 69

    Rip Curl 6911 kun oldin

    Bruh moment

  6. DonTuliosS

    DonTuliosS8 soat oldin

    I've been a Samsung fanboy for a few years now, but as soon as Motorola razr rumours started i said I'm buying it if it ever comes out . And yeah i still feel the same ,I'm definitely buying it. If it would have a headphone Jack it would be perfect 😍😍 Edited If the rumours about the e sim are true and that the European version will also have an eSIM , than I'm really disappointed, so no i won't buy it!! 🤔🙄☹

  7. Adirath Goswami

    Adirath Goswami9 soat oldin

    So how do we get on a video call...?

  8. ChodaTheMan

    ChodaTheMan11 soat oldin

    If I had the money, I would buy it without a second thought. It is just so cool.

  9. Solo V TV

    Solo V TV12 soat oldin

    I honestly want this phone lmao can iPhone please buy this and have message id so buy it!!!!

  10. Erika Morales

    Erika Morales19 soat oldin

    Pablo Escobar brother came out with the foldable phone for about 350! Escobar fold 1?

  11. TheKillzone1511

    TheKillzone151122 soat oldin

    To expensive and probably wont be durable since that's not glass on the inside screen

  12. Shirish Sharma

    Shirish SharmaKun oldin

    Imagine having a laptop with this mechanism, having display on both sides (touch screen keyboard). And when you open it 180°, boom !!! A FULL screen 30 inch flat screen display like TV 😃😃 This hinge mechanism without crease can be revolutionary.

  13. AlexVinta

    AlexVintaKun oldin

    I like this Razer phone 3

  14. Shohel Mahmud

    Shohel MahmudKun oldin

    Look so smart

  15. Mexican AKU

    Mexican AKUKun oldin

    1500$ really high, i can buy 3 Xbox2 for that amount!!! Sorry razor maybe next time around!!

  16. Naseeb Orakzai Official

    Naseeb Orakzai OfficialKun oldin

    Bro how I get this phone here in doha Qatar 🇶🇦

  17. hay-zeuz

    hay-zeuzKun oldin

    Not worth it, sux.

  18. Shane Horne

    Shane Horne2 kun oldin

    I got the fold and am getting this

  19. Aayushman Gupta

    Aayushman Gupta2 kun oldin

    Please show us Escobar Fold 1 review

  20. blondie jam

    blondie jam2 kun oldin

    Still got the original in hot pink and still works used to love it

  21. em

    em2 kun oldin

    I want itttt

  22. Cappa 8

    Cappa 82 kun oldin

    This is pointless the whole point of a folding phone is to make it bigger

  23. JP

    JP2 kun oldin

    Getting closer and closer to the phone from 'Her' which is my ultimate sci-fi/realistic gadget.

  24. 6r6 b6

    6r6 b62 kun oldin

    You look like an ant eater

  25. 6r6 b6

    6r6 b62 kun oldin

    You look like an Ant Eater

  26. 6r6 b6

    6r6 b62 kun oldin

    You look like an Ant Eater

  27. Hibiscus Angel

    Hibiscus Angel2 kun oldin


  28. Amy Man

    Amy Man2 kun oldin

    Used to love Motorola had the RAZR slvr and milestone. But the camera seems to be a fail.... How do I video chat on such a small folded screen? Completely ignored the needs of the wechat user market.

  29. John Wallace

    John Wallace2 kun oldin

    I’m not impressed by any foldable phone. This is especially a too small to be a folding phone.

  30. Conner Mosier

    Conner Mosier2 kun oldin

    Why does it seem like we're downgrading ourselves again? Smaller battery, garbage camera, fat chin, and bezel for days. But wait there's more.. a bigger price tag than an iPhone 11.

  31. Aaron

    Aaron2 kun oldin

    Not $1500 worth. Not even worth $700.

  32. Alex Pounder

    Alex Pounder3 kun oldin

    I must own this! Finally a new feature in smartphones that's actually useful! Edit: May have to wait until they realise the price is stupid

  33. Unicorn Lati

    Unicorn Lati3 kun oldin

    It doesn't seem that bad. But the price is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

  34. Eric Gudat

    Eric Gudat3 kun oldin

    Thanks for the video bud... folding full screen phone is awesome enough in my head

  35. Giovanna Fransesca

    Giovanna Fransesca3 kun oldin

    This is so gooodddd! I never own the old razr previously, but there were this thing going back in the day where my friends and I would trade phones for months on end until we feel like using our phone again and I get to use her razr for a couple of months and I love how they are able to modernize it!!!

  36. Saul Montenegro

    Saul Montenegro3 kun oldin

    Phone is going to fail. There’s no purpose for it’s nostalgic gimmick.

  37. Juan Pinzon

    Juan Pinzon3 kun oldin

    When he said the price I closed the video... Just came back to tell y'all

  38. MaxLtv

    MaxLtv3 kun oldin

    If you watch UZgo on your phone this phones not for you

  39. Plex Tonium

    Plex Tonium4 kun oldin

    Motorola might have hit it out of the park with this one... my S10+ smart phone is already looking clunky and outdated!!! Only down side is the price!!!

  40. StarWarsMarvel

    StarWarsMarvel4 kun oldin

    When you want a razr for christmas but it comes out after this christmas and your not on Verizon

  41. Technical Nizam

    Technical Nizam4 kun oldin

    Wow really Nice

  42. Harun Shaikh

    Harun Shaikh4 kun oldin

    1500$ in Rupees... 1,07,631. 😓😓😓😨

  43. Senyorita Juana

    Senyorita Juana4 kun oldin

    Moto invested hardware with razr..

  44. Empire5730

    Empire57304 kun oldin

    Not worth it. iPhone 11Pro/Max cheaper & nearly waterproof to top.